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For me it was sheer stubbornness that got me through. Realistically, it's important to know that a model is made up of a series of very different kinds of tasks. When I was learning, I focused on only one of those tasks at a time. For instance, I would just sculpt for a while and became familiar with those tools. Then, when I felt I had a good handle on that, I asked "What's next?"

Sculpting, Hard surface modeling, retopology, UV unwrapping, texturing, shaders, rigging, renders... Pick one thing and forget the rest for the time being. It becomes a lot easier to handle and learn when you're looking at Blender with blinders on. You can't really get around using tutorials because learning this software is like climbing a vertical wall for someone that hasn't used modeling software before. But it can be a lot easier finding tutorials and answers you need when your scope is narrowed down to doing one specific thing at a time.

So, figure out the steps for whatever pipeline you're interested in. Then break those steps down and work to understand them one at a time.

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