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I've had one for about a month, and I've been printing nearly non-stop with it. If you just want a printer that works out of the box, prints fast, and prints really nice... It's a great machine. I've owned and operated a lot of printers (at work, at home, at school, at a makerspace) over the last 12 years, and I'm not a fan of the cloud or proprietary hardware but, damn... this thing prints really, really nice... and fast.


I was leaning on buying a Prusa for the repairability / upgradability and general openness of their products. Have you tried any of their printers? Would you say they’re more fiddly than the bamboo?

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I have a Prusa MINI and used Prusa i3 machines where I used to work. They are pretty solid, and I do like their open source ideals quite a bit. But I needed/wanted a larger print area for a price under $1,000 USD and the Bambu fit the bill.


Thank you for your reply. I don’t need a large surface so I think I will gob with one of Prusa’s models


One more thing that people tend to overlook is their closed firmware. If you want to extend or don’t want to go over their servers for remote things than this should be taken into consideration.

It’s literally the only downside I’m aware of though so if that’s not a concern for you then you’ll be really happy with the machine from what I’ve seen with other people,

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I’ve got a P1P that has been upgraded to a P1S. Leave the door open or the lid off when printing PLA (especially if using an AMS).

Heat creep related jams are a pain to fix.


Can you elaborate on this please?

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If the printer is fully enclosed (door and lid closed) and the print is long enough. The heat from the hotend and bed can build up in the chamber, causing heat creep. The chamber temperature is not monitored. Since the nozzle and heatbreak are one piece, removing the clog is a bit more involved.

I’ve had to do it 3 times since I bought the printer on release. All were 12+ hour PLA prints and done after high temperature filament prints (nylon and abs).

The issue is entirely preventable, just me forgetting to open the door on long prints lol.

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I mostly print PLA so the lid is propped open and the door is ajar... Once winter comes to the midwest and my basement is freezing cold I may have to adjust things a bit. I added a Prusa MINI in January 2022 and could not print properly until I added an enclosure.

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PLA doesn’t like heated enclosures, basically the filament melts at such a low temperature that the heat inside the printer can soften it enough to jam up.


I’d not heard this, that’s really interesting to know coming from someone who has one, thanks.

Printer alright apart from that?

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Yep, it’s by far the best printer I’ve ever owned.

JustEnoughDucks, (edited )

I don’t have one, but I have heard a lot and watched reviews.

Great printer, fast printing, good quality, enclosed, already has filtration on the output, and most people seem to have almost no problems with them, a lot like a prusa.

However, it is pretty loud, wastes a lot of filament when switching filaments, and has proprietary replacement parts to lock you into buying from them.

Probably the best prebuilt consumer coreXY from what I hear, just don’t put it in a room where you sleep.


I’m not here to defend them, but many consumables can be bought from third parties. There’s even an upcoming Revo nozzle adapter.


That’s really interesting. I suppose it was only a matter of time before third parties made their own replacement parts for it


Awesome, thank you for the info!

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