To be fair, most hobby 3d printing is only economical if your time is worth nothing


True, in some sense. However, I can’t get a lot of the things that I can 3d print. There’s literally no way to buy them.

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"That’s only economical if your time is worth nothing." Well, we should all be able to live lives where we can pursue things that do not have monetary rewards. Obviously not everyone is in that position but perhaps for David Florian exploring and learning and trying things is what makes him happy. Of course for him it probably makes money as well, even if indirectly. The fact that his video got shared means more people will see it, and more views means more money, so there's the value for David Florian. It's also worth considering that in science, it's all about trying things and gathering information that will hopefully lead to new (and hopefully lower cost) capabilities.


Someone at McGill university figured out how to recycle wind turbine blades into 3d printer filament. However, a single blade made enough filament that it’s length could go to the moon and back. From one blade!


Aren’t wind turbine blades fiberglass? Can fiberglass be printed?


Anything can be printed with enough heat.

See: lava


Now I want a Lava Printer

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Not to be like that… but… gases would be hard to print, I’m not sure why you’d want to….

Liquids could be interesting, for like, ice sculptures. But at that point you’d be having to extract heat from ambient… drop the build chamber below freezing

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Ice printing could work with supercooled water.

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Eh. That could work, might be more complicated though.

I’m envisioning a freezer for an enclosure, then heat the water to just above melting. This would allow using essentially-fdm set ups on the printer itself.


Glass reinforcement material is a common filler, just as much as carbon fiber.


Yes. Well they are mixed with an epoxy.

You can find the research online with all the details.

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