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Wildfires Continue to Devastate Western Canada With Evacuation Orders in Fort McMurray and Fort Nelson Getting worse since the recent update, wildfires continue t

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Des feux de forêt font rage dans l’Ouest canadien

Les évacuations et avertissements se multiplient en Colombie-Britannique, en Alberta et au Manitoba

#ColombieBritannique #Alberta #Manitoba #canada #ExtinctionDeMasse #pollution #écologie #environnement #Climat

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#Alberta’s UCP board urges Premier Smith to change rules about vaccines for kids. MRNA vaccines especially should not be mandatory.

Btw - There is no scientific evidence supporting their case that mRNA vaccines are dangerous.


@AnnaAnthro I don’t get it one of the safest vaccines given out. Has had millions of test subjects and nothing bad has happened.

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@Auli yup.

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"If there was any doubt remaining that Alberta's nearly seven-month moratorium on renewable-energy projects was a political decision — made in the halls of power rather than in the offices of expertise — it was erased by internal documents released to the public last week."

My latest analysis for CBC, based on original reporting by @drewanderson for @thenarwhal

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The cranes are heading north. Their cries are one of the iconic sounds of the Spring and Fall.

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The absolute fuckery of carbon capture both in what is basically wealth transfer from 🇨🇦s to an oil and gas company and… 9 million tonnes of CO2 supposedly sequestered since 2015? Over 100 million tonnes of carbon produced by 🇨🇦 oil and gas in 2022 alone? Get the fuck out of here with this tech and “subsidy” bullshit

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@grivettcarnac see also what Boundary Dam did in SK: it was an attempt to give Cenovus ~$1 billion

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"Alberta’s largest power generator has cancelled one proposed wind farm and put three other developments on hold, citing provincial rule changes to renewable developments and uncertainty around broader electricity market reforms."

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A senior Alberta official found the renewables pause 'very troubling.' He was pressured to support it anyway

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The latest National Inventory Report on Canada's greenhouse gas emissions was just released.

Here's how Alberta's emissions from 1990 to 2022 break down, by economic sector.

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Two years later, this story remains as wild as ever:

'Fixer says former Alberta justice minister hired him to get reporter's phone logs'

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#alberta #ableg #cdnpoli #canada #journalism #journalists #law

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"'This announcement is politically motivated and not based in fact or clinical guidelines,' one council member wrote in a Feb. 2 email to two named AHS officials and other recipients..."

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Calgary city councillor Dan McLean on proposed legislation that would allow the provincial government to repeal city bylaws and remove councillors from office:

“They always say the municipalities are like the children of the province, and sometimes parents have to spank their kids."


Looked out the window at bedtime and saw another neighbor out for a snack.


Lots of these dark eyed juncos hanging around the pond recently. Really enjoying learning the names of my various neighbors.

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