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So the universe has been VERY PROACTIVE in letting me know that it's time to move on from . Rejection is redirection. ✨

The short-term plan: move somewhere sunny in Europe, apply to hybrid and/or jobs. Question is where?

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Speaking of, if anyone knows of a hybrid or remote position for a Scrum Master / Product Owner / Agile (Transition) Coach / Project Manager with a devops background and +8 years of experience ANYWHERE in the South of Europe, I'd be very happy to hear about it. 🙏💜

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@Gina , Georgia

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@saper I said sunny 🤣

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@Gina not Australia then?

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@fedops Australia is long term :) I qualify for a permanent 190 visa, but the whole process takes at least 3 years. So I might as well start living the dream closer to home (and who knows, stay there?).

The good news is I got my English test results back today, so tomorrow I'm officially putting in an Expression of Interest for the visa.

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@Gina very nice! 👍

Wow, 3 years for a visa is insane. I thought our 3-6 months was a lot...

defred, avatar

@Gina south of france is messy, but got 300 days of sun a year, montpellier, nimes, arles we're the shinier and shit talker of all

Gina, avatar

@defred I've considered it, but my French is très merdique.

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