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If you're feeling creative, there's the 3d art software Blender. It's available for free and extremely powerful. There are tons of tutorials on youtube available.

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I love blender and I believe that me having even the basic knowledge of it that I do is a big reason that I have my current job. You can also join the community here:


Over the last few years I’ve gotten back into reading books using my library app. Gardening can also be a low cost hobby if you are able to start plants from seeds and have some space outside.

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Up with libraries for sure. Libraries forever.


Both of these, great suggestions!

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Speaking of libraries and gardening - "library of things" are getting a lot more popular at local libraries/community centers. Basically a bunch of tools you can rent out for free just like books at a library. The one by me has a ton of gardening tools and other stuff for hobbies. Awesome way to try something out without having to buy expensive equipment


True! I’ve never borrowed anything from my local “library of things”, but they have all kinds of things from metal detectors, sewing machines, musical instruments. That’s a great idea for checking out a new hobby without having to make an initial investment.


Libraries are great for more than just books too. My library has a seed library, as well as a section with tools, baking pans, and board games to check out.


Ok, a seed library sounds really cool. I’m a bit jealous.


A seed library sounds like an awesome idea. Does that function by giving people seeds to plant and then returning new seeds after harvest?

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If I have any functioning grey matter left over after work, reading, writing and learning languages are big ones for me. If my mind is exhausted, I'll google "adult coloring pages," print some out, and color while watching TV. I've gotten pretty good at making gradients, and have had a lot of fun experimenting with technique.

If I just want to be active and creative but not think about anything, I cook.


Learn to play Chess

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Self-hosting 😏



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Naturalism (e.g. botany, mycology, entomology, birding, etc.). All you really need to do is to go out into nature and start asking questions about the things you see that interest you then try to find answers to those questions using the internet or books. A phone with a camera helps (I assume most people these days have this already) so you can take pics to reference later or to upload to an app like iNat. Spending a small amount of money on a field guide for your area of interest and your geographical area would be highly suggested as well. But at the core, it's really just going into nature and learning about the things around us.


Cooking. I always had a DIY mentality and the advent of youtube cooking videos split open everything. Tips, tricks, improvements. And it's a very useful and applicable skill to learn.

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Reading the SCP wiki is cheap, easy, and there's all sorts of cool stories on there.

Along with that, modding games also is pretty fun as well, and can add tons of replayability to them. Minecraft is an obvious choice due to its large library, but pretty much every game has at least some kind of modding community behind it.


My passion and job is in IT. I really like tinkering with networking and programming. Creating something that provides value to others really fullfills me.

Maybe you like it. Give it a go!

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You can grab a used Kindle on ebay for really cheap.

Then you can use an app called Libby to borrow books from libraries and send them directly to your Kindle, bypassing going to the library completely.

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Libby can also be accessed in a web browser on a computer, as well as on smartphones. I listen to audiobooks and read ebooks this way.

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Art! I suck at drawing, but I like to try. I'm much more of a musician, and it does me so well, it's damn euphoric. An instrument tends to cost money though... still, look into it :) i LOVE singing and trumpet and guitar and piano. AMAZING hobby to get into.


Mountain biking!


Walking, hiking, biking.

Depending on where you live walking may be a bit difficult as many cities are not made for pedestrians. Unsafe crossings, lack of sidewalks, no parks or other green spaces etc. But if your local area supports it can be a nice relaxing activity. And you get to see your neighborhood from a different perspective. The above also applies to biking.

Hiking generally requires acess to a trail system but will take you more out into nature. Of course for most of us we need to take ourselves to the trailhead which often requires car access. But getting out into nature is a great mental heath benefit so definitely worth it. Hiking can then lead to picknicking and to camping.


I'm a weirdo who still likes playing hacky sack/footbag in my yard and footbags are pretty damn cheap

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