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I burnt my penis on a radiator. I ended up getting lucky, and after fell asleep with the woman in her bed. Woke up, and in my sleepy state walked into the radiator whilst naked. Woke her, and her two roommates, up with my swearing. It took a good few weeks for things to go back to normal.


Haha what the fuck


You fucked a radiator, didn't you?


I guess they were brave enough.

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I was playing darts while drunk and forgot to let go of the dart as I threw it. Stabbed myself in the thigh 🙄.

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Changing guitar strings, took one in the eye. No permanent damage, but I sure felt stupid. Now I play bass so if it happens again, I surely would die.

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Took a walk. My ankle didn't want to. Rip ligaments


When getting up from the floor (after fixing the computer under the desk) I somehow managed to put my weight onto the wrong part of my foot. I lurched forward, slammed my head into the corner of the refrigerator (12 stitches) and shattered my right humerus. The foot was unhurt.


I was a kid and wanted to see what it felt like to touch a cigarette lighter in the car. Regretted that one immediately.


I did the same thing as a kid. Had the immediate thought "wait, why did I do that?!" Thankfully, no lasting damage.

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When I was little I put my hands on the fireplace right after it had just finished burning. Surprisingly, my hands did not get horrific scars from that, just one small one from the incident.

Another time, I was carrying a cardboard box, the box managed to slip from my arm and cut it, which left a lot larger scar.


I choked on air, hurt myself on a pillow, hurt myself just sitting...

Honestly, at this point it kind of blends together. Going to go with choking on air as the dumbest way, though, because it's at least way up there


When I was a kid a took my grandma's metallic knitting needles, one in each hand, and slowly put them into the socket. I don't know what I was thinking, I was old enough to know you can kill or severly injure yourself this way. But, fortunately, I immediately jumped away after the shock. I guess it doesn't really get much dumber than that.


Tripping up the stairs, or choking on my own spit. Both happen way too often.


When I was young I had a Swiss Army knife and wanted to test how sharp it was, so I cut the shorts I was wearing. Only a little tear in the fabric, so bright young me wanted to cut all the way through. Completely overlooking the fact that my leg was directly on the other side. It did cut through, and left a nice gash on my leg.


I opened my car door while trying to avoid the tree branches above me. I opened it directly into my face. 6 stitches above the eyebrow for that one...


I pulled pizza out of an oven without oven mitts on. Forgetting to take ADHD meds is a hazard lol.

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Rather than going down the stairs in front of my apartment like a normal person, I hopped off the side before the first step. There was no railing, it was about a 2 - 2.5 foot drop. I landed wrong and broke my ankle. I can't even blame it on my age, either! I was 24.


Was riding my bike to middle school. Looked down and noticed that the front tire was mis-centered and rubbing the brake pads. Thought I could kick the side of the tire and recenter it. Foot went into the spokes behind the front forks and went right over the handlebars. Landed on my face/chin. I was in a Catholic elementary school (blue pants, white shirt). My brother walked with me to the school as this hadn't been to far from the school. I looked like an axe murderer with all the blood dripping onto my white shirt. Mom was called. Trip to the ER for stitches ensued. Good time!

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