Back when I was a teenager, my parents owned a pub. It had a few TVs mounted on the walls for things like live football, and one was mounted on a pillar.

One evening, some celebrity was on the TV wearing a really bad wig. My mother pointed and laughed, then said ‘Look at the state on that wig, it’s bloody awful’.

As she said it, one of the customers stepped around from behind the pillar, wearing his rather obvious wig…


I'm from a small ish village from the Netherlands and went on a vacation to Yellowstone national park with a couple of friends. We booked a rafting tour and a mother with her Child joint the raft to fill it up. During the trip we introduced our selves. She was American but worked in the Netherlands for a few years. She said you'll probably don't know the town where I worked. It was our town....


I birdwatch. I got a book for Christmas about the birds of my region, opened it up randomly to thumb through it, and the first page I opened had my name on it for a rare bird sighting I had reported. I had no idea I was included in the book!

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