Launching Kbin Migration website, with resources and guides to help new users migrate to Kbin and the Fediverse from Reddit.

Original Post

Hello everyone! I'm launching a website for Kbin Migration today, a very very simple, basic and hopefully easy to use website with useful resources to help users move to Kbin and the fediverse from Reddit!

Before I started working on the website, I initiated and worked on launching r/KbinMigration, and worked on my first guide here.

But ever since Reddit attempted to ban my initatives here (just like it did with my past lemmy initatives) such as r/KbinMigration just to unban it later thanks to the community noticing Reddit's attempt at censoring it, and of course, me sending messages to r/reddit's mods explaining how they banned r/KbinMigration for "spam" ridiculously when we literally had only 2 pinned posts back then.

But I later realized that putting my resources on Reddit that help people migrate from Reddit probably isn't my greatest idea, and I shouldn't be surprised if Reddit ever decides to ban my iniatives in the future for good, especially if it gets bigger, hence I decided to stop updating my guide from r/KbinMigration and instead work on my own simple website, just a place outside Reddit where I can display the resources without having a potential risk of losing it which would mean making it inaccessible to those who need it.

In the past few months, I have taken other initatives as well, the most important one being my arrival to r/RedditAlternatives mod team (thankful for the opportunity!), to help the sub with moderation in my free time and improving the sub along with the other guys in the team, in ways we can. Apart from that, I also help moderate huge communities on Kbin itself, such as m/AskKbin.

This website is an important step in realizing my vision in hopefully being people from Reddit to Kbin and the Fediverse, and I hope all of you find it useful!

If you have any feedback for any of the guides/resources we have on Kbin Migration, let me know! I will continue to push more updates and new resources as this is just the beginning, hence more to come. I will also be promoting and sharing this initiative inside Kbin, especially within the communities I already moderate as well. I want this to be a user/community-run initative, so those who have any feedback, it will be very very valuable and certainly help me shape all the current and future resources we will have on Kbin Migration!

Thank you :)


Update V2, improved readability of text on the website, especially page text on guides, as we were using grey before but now we've switched to white, which means all the text should now appear clear and a lot more readable. This change was made based on user-feedback.

The main, first and introductory guide "The redditor's guide to how Kbin works" is now pinned on top by default, all other posts/guides will be shown after that. This change was also based on user-feedback.

Additionally, users can also now follow the website, and comment on any of the available guides to leave feedback and etc.

finickydesert, avatar

One day kbin will be on sync

TheArstaInventor avatar

haha hopefully!

melroy, avatar

Did you also checked-out

TheArstaInventor avatar

Will take a look into it! Thanks for mentioning.

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  • Senex, avatar

    Grey text on a black background is very hard to see.

    TheArstaInventor avatar

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll address that issue soon by the end of today.

    TheArstaInventor avatar

    Just finished pushing Update V2, check original post new edit for changelog, the above is one of the changes that was implemented. Thank you for your feedback again!


    Small criticism, I think your first article on "The redditor's guide to how Kbin works" is the one packed with the most useful information for any newbie migrating from reddit or any social media so it deserves a sticky or some kind of mechanism to make it the first thing that pops up imho. Otherwise, awesome work. I thought the Artemis app was still in exclusive beta so it's good to hear it's available on the app store now.

    TheArstaInventor avatar

    Thank you for the feedback! Just pushed Update V2, one of the changes includes this, check latest edit from OG post above for full changelog.

    Eggyhead avatar

    Well done! Thanks for putting in the effort. I can tell you really care about this and that’s appreciated.

    TheArstaInventor avatar

    That really means a lot to me, thank you so much :)

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