Anyone know of a trustworthy, easy to use (ideally FOSS) program that will allow me to easily identify and compare duplicate files on windows 10? Alternatively, could you point me in the direction of a more appropriate magazine to ask in?

As title suggests, I'm looking to clean up my desktop from any duplicates I have across my different drives, but would also like to be able to easily compare them to make sure they definitely are the same before I delete them.



Czkawka is what you are looking for:

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From a quick look seems like it'll definitely do the job, thanks!


Pretty sure you could use a recursive diff and output duplicate names to rm

Obviously after making triple sure what you’re doing

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Doesn't look like something I can do on windows without downloading a software, which is what I'm actually looking for, but thanks


Oh shit, sorry, I didn’t see that.

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No worries

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