All forms of cured pork. Ham. Bacon. Gammon. No thanks. ("Oh no! Not bacon!")

This isn't for religious reasons either. Regular pork in a roast? Sausages, even? Yes please. But nothing cured.

There's something about the tanginess of cured pork that I really don't like.

And for whatever reason, the supermarkets here seem to stock 75% forms of ham and 25% everything else in the cold cuts / sandwich meats fridges.

Occasionally, I've bought pork slices that didn't look to be cured, but upon opening they've been more pink than I thought and had that tangy smell and taste. Bait and switch. If it's ham, say so, goddammit.

Will it kill me? No. Will I eat it if it's all that's available? Sure. (As I did with the aforementioned slices). Heck, I even almost enjoyed a cold BLT once (pre-cooked and cooled bacon isn't as powerful somehow), but I'd really prefer not to.


Mushrooms. I feel like this one is pretty split between lovers and haters, but I can’t stand them. I wish I loved them, because they look delicious and are always in things.

Same with Lobster. It looks so good. It tastes so bad. I try it every 2 or 3 years because I’m like “there’s no way it’s that bad, it looks so good, I should give it another go” and then I try a bite, and it’s so awful that when I try to swallow it my throat stops it from going down, and it comes back into my mouth, and my eyes start watering.

Also Salmon. Fuck salmon. There are so many delicious types of fish, and salmon is not one of them. And I’m so sick of hearing people tell me “oh you just haven’t had good salmon.” - and then I try some of this supposed “good” salmon, and it’s foul every time.

insomniac_lemon avatar

Mushrooms. I feel like this one is pretty split between lovers and haters, but I can’t stand them. I wish I loved them, because they look delicious and are always in things.

For me it's the gummy texture that I didn't like. It's difficult to do, but I like them if they can be cooked tender. That and I'm fine with them if they're with something else to chew (meat, rice dish, etc).


Fennel. Or anything adjacent to black licorice. 🤢


Popcorn. Can’t stand it when covered in salt, can’t stand it when plain. Tasteless and the kernels get everywhere that they shouldn’t be. Gross.


Pepperoni pizza is disgusting, as is cold pizza.

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@ThatOneKirbyMain2568 omg yes Dr Pepper or any other sarsparilla drink is gross. There used to be one here called SARS but then a virus made it unpopular.

I also don't like periperi, sour cream and chives flavoured crisps/chips, or mushrooms.


i don’t like sushi. i said it.

Pat_Riot, avatar

All of it?


All of it.

Ganondorf avatar

Cucumbers and celery. Really the only produce I actively dislike

Pat_Riot, avatar

Both of those are disgusting. Bad flavor. Bad texture. Not a single positive note between them.


Club soda and Vichy or what ever you call it in english. Especially the ones that have salt in them but even just plain carbonated water. No thanks.


Barbecue anything really. I don’t like the sauces, I’m not fond of smoked meat, and it’s unnecessarily messy. It’s like the trifecta of things I don’t like in food.

Note: I do like barbecue potato chips though

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

Interesting. I might be somewhat of the opposite — I think barbecue's great, but I'm not a fan of barbecue potato chips. I'll maybe eat some if there's nothing else around and I'm hungry, but I've just never liked them.


Sounds like we’re mirror world twins. But which one is the evil one?

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

Well, I despise donuts, so it's probably me.


-gasp- you truly are evil.

Sendpicsofsandwiches, avatar

Eggs. I’m okay with scrambled eggs if there’s a lot of extra vegetables and cheese and things (though I don’t like quiche). But a regular fried or hard-boiled egg immediately repulses me


I hate avocados. It ruins everything it touches.

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I love it raw but if it's cooked it makes me retch.


People cook it?

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@JillyB yes unfortunately they do. It totally changes the taste.


I’ve never thought about it but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it cooked.

livus avatar

@JillyB it looks almost the same. Sometimes people put it in things like roasted vege salad.


Nasty tricksy hobbitses

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@JillyB my feelings exactly! You should cook a piece one day to see if you like it.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

What? Why would anyone cook it? What would they use that for? Who could hurt someone so badly to make them do that?

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@ThatOneKirbyMain2568 idk but it really should be illegal.

I unwittingly had some in a cold pasta salad the other day and threw up a tiny bit in my mouth.

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