Do any of you eat and actually enjoy dino nuggets?

I'm not really a fan of nuggets in general. I've always been much more of a tendies human. By and large, I find the texture of processed chicken to be extremely revolting. Even as a kid, I thought they were vile and Dino nuggets always seemed to be particularly low-quality.

Do you like them? Is there something I'm missing? Maybe a particular brand that's good? Wendy's spicy nuggs are pretty okay. Please defend your position.

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If there's nothing else and they're cooked correctly (via oven or air fryer), then they're not too bad. I cannot stand them cooked in a microwave, but I think that goes for nuggets in general.

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Microwaves are the evil

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100% with you on tenders being better than nuggets. In general, nuggets have always been kinda eh (sometimes solid, sometimes awful), and dino nuggets are the worst of their kind.


I do not consume or serve “nugggets”


The Dinosaur nuggets we get for my daughter are pretty good, tempura batter and breast meat only. If she turns her nose up at them Ill absoluteky eat them, theres definitely way lower bars of nuggets.

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That sounds great. What brand are they?


Nah, I’m vegan, and eating meat shaped like an animal is like eating two animals at once.

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Fair. I was vegetarian for many years and still try to generally limit my meat consumption.

Do you feel like a cannibal if/when you eat those potato smiles? I kinda do, but in a fun way.

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Even as a kid, dino nuggests were revolting. I like nuggets in general, though.


Children like it, adults are not the target group.

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But shouldn't we be giving our kids better quality food? Don't they need it more than us?


I thought the question was about taste and whether people liked it. My answer was that the product is aimed at kids, so if you’re a kid, you’re more likely to like it. That doesn’t mean parents should buy it. It just means I think the product is attractive for children.

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Fair enough


Btw, great username!

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I don’t know that I’ve ever tried them… I think dinosaur nuggets came out in the late 90s when I was like 16 or 17 so I always thought of them as something for little kids and just never bothered with them. I usually get McDonald’s Mcnuggets or make the Tyson ones at home in the oven


So for me they are the same. What matters most is the dip. Either a nice ranch or honey, as much as I can get on the nugget per bite.

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Honey on fried chicken is so freaking good. Especially hot honey. Holy shit.

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