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(Sighs...) I got sent home early from work today because of my autistic outbursts I was having during a meltdown. And given how poorly they treated me, I think they fired me...

If there's any AV programming jobs here in the US, please send me any tips. Preferably one in an autism-friendly environment. I feel like my (probably now old) workplace treated me poorly because of my autism...

glimse, (edited )

I messaged you

Notifications aren’t working right for me today but I’ll check back on this post. Let me know if you got it (or didn’t)

Also just to be upfront, I don’t work in hiring nor can I promise you a job. But depending on your skillset there might be an opportunity at the company I work (I love it here). I don’t want to doxx either of us by discussing it publicly though, hence the DM

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