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Not going to be a problem. Once Apollo is gone, it’s not like I’ll be able to Reddit.


@patchw3rk Good, it will bait Spez to make more bad (& entertaining) decisions.

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You guys are still on Reddit?


Sometimes i go to reddit if there's a link to something like /r/modcoord or something, but i don't really use it anymore. And on the off chance that i do, I use teddit.

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If there's something in there that I want to read, I replace reddit.com with reddit.adminforge.de, that way I can scroll through communities that are still not quite on the fediverse yet without giving them the traffic.
From time to time if I come across a link here about the migration, I will go comment about kbin being nice and relatively easy to figure out (Im a dummy and I got it working in two days or so). Other than that and to edit/ delete my comments and posts and to request my data, haven't gone back since the first blackout.


It’s hard to give up r/politics. I really do enjoy the comment section and find lemmy doesn’t quite have the critical mass for excellent analysis. Once Apollo was gone, I only visit that one using old.Reddit and a browser, otherwise full boycott. I’d estimate my usage dropped 95%.


i'm guessing i need a kbin id to see the content

regardless, i'm not sure i see a future with reddit, as they've proven they can't be trusted

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