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„Should I Stay Or Should I Go?“

Junger Waldkauz vor dem Sprung ins Leben


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ottaross, avatar

Some crazy thing with a bunch of yellow birds (American Goldfinches?) stuck to the wall of a neighbour's house. Weird, must be some bugs on it or something tasty?

(Sorry, marginal pic thru dirty windows.)

LillyHerself, avatar

@ottaross Let me know if they're still there tomorrow

carpingdiem, avatar
mjohanning, avatar

A bird I frequently hear but that I don't often get to see from up close, a European Green Finch!

#bird #birds #birding #birdsofmastodon #birdwatching #birdphotography #nature #naturephotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #photography

JimsPhotos, avatar

@mjohanning lovey photo of a Great bird.

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strykeroz, avatar

#Wrensday has come back around so quickly!

Brought to you this week by this very cute Superb Fairywren, puffed up against the chilly morning, and moments from launching off this perch

#WildOz #Ozbirds #Birds #Wildlife #Brisbane

studiochris, avatar

Baby food, probably.

cheriecreationstruck, avatar

Sora-ing high … my husband @CTGT and I were thrilled to add a lifer to our list this weekend, an adult Sora and three of her adorable fluffy black chicks. Tiny and skulky, she was fleet of foot - not hard with those big green puppies - in this shallow marshy pond, especially chasing off an encroaching American Robin that was also foraging for worms. Cropped photo collage in the comments if you’re interested in a closer look.

#birds #birding #lifer #Sora #chicks #nature #BirdsOfMastodon #MiddleCreekWMA #reflections #SolaceInNature

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msquebanh, avatar

@cheriecreationstruck Wonderful wetlands wildlife photos!

cheriecreationstruck, avatar

Happy #FemaleBirdDay Birdathon Weekend from this lovely Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.

#birds #birding #FemaleBirds #nature #BirdsOfMastodon #BirdPhotography #SolaceInNature

canyakker, avatar

Trying to slowly sneak away without being photographed .... a Bittern.
(German Rohrdommel)

jonlowes, avatar

Western Osprey (Pandion haliaetus haliaetus), Ogston Reservoir, Derbyshire, UK, 27/05/2024 Although they have increased in recent years, this spectacular fish-eating bird of prey is an Amber List species in the UK because of its historical decline (due to illegal killing) and low breeding numbers #bird #birds #birdphotography #birding #birdwatching #nature #wildlife #NaturePhotography


Laszlo, German avatar
ubo, avatar

Great, great images!

I hope you applauded properly, as is apparently usual when landing. 😜

BeazLouise, avatar

A juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron really wishes I'd mind my own business.

ArtThatMakesYouSmile, avatar
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