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11,000+ bird species share our world, each with unique adaptations & behaviours. Join us in learning more about our feathered friends! | Project in development | #birds🦜 #BirdsOfMastodon | avatar


Photos of animals. Mostly birds - mostly in Griffith Park. avatar

Rihilism avatar


Steve Bellovin's photography.
Mostly, but not entirely, nature.
Mostly, but not entirely, urban.
Mostly, but not entirely, birds—which are, of course, dinosaurs avatar


Retired doc. POC. Blue dot in a red U.S. state (Indiana). All pictures were taken or created by me except for ones I have boosted. My avatar is "Power Puff Girls" me; my banner shows a male ruby throated hummingbird. I may block followers who have no bio information or posts. #birds #birding #birdphotography #flowers #insects #nature #medicine #knitting #sports #photography #virtualphotography #IndianaStateFair #HoosierMast #INTJ


Net/SysAdmin. #Philly and all sports. #ArchLinux zealot. Smart Home maniac. #SteamDeck #Wyze guy. Many random #bird feeder photos. #Vim always, obviously. Love #Caturday. #Pennsylvanian #GoBirds he/him. I change my avatar photo A LOT. I mean A LOT. Sports make me swear. Proud Rubicon 4xe owner. #CPOD - Cardinal Pic Of the Day! avatar


Kindness and beauty rate high. I like staying informed and wildlife photography.

"The hermit doesn't sleep at night:
in love with the blue of the vacant moon.
The cool of the breeze
that rustles the trees
rustles him too."

--Ching An (tr. J.P. Seaton)

#Birds #Birding #BirdWatching #BirdPhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography #Landscape #LandscapePhotography #Photography #BirdsInFlight #Ukraine #NAFO #Iran avatar


Freelance designer & illustrator in UK. Posters and wall art for sale on my website. Birds, nature, music, books, vintage rail posters. Poet & composer. Prices held for two years despite rising costs. xx avatar


My name is Marvin and I live in Bielefeld (Germany) currently working as a #sysadmin at a small ISP. I also self-publish books from time to time.

Most of my free-time, however, is spent doing #photography — mostly of #birds and, sometimes, other types of wildlife.

I will mostly be posting photos of birds or other bird-related content on this account, but I will also — at times — post stuff about languages and computers. I post mainly in English and German. avatar


All photos my own, unless attributed

Header: Black Kite soaring over Berrinba Wetlands, Brisbane, Oct 2022
Avatar: me with the South Pine River avatar


Designer + Developer + Photographer avatar


Mixed Media Artist from Massachusetts who enjoys whimsical and colorful nature artisty!


Bird & wildlife hobbyist photographer. Also on Mastodon @adamk0310 avatar


Tootin' about photography (largely of the bird variety these days, using a Fujifilm camera), generative art (plus pen plotting), computing (increasingly rarely since there's plenty of that at work), & things. avatar


Mixed Media Artist from Massachusetts who enjoys whimsical and colorful nature artisty!


Sometime photographer, enjoyer of #birds, #landscapes, and #architecture. Other posts at @lwbadger. avatar


‘Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind,’ - Bertrand Russell


Ich mache Fotos. Derzeit am liebsten von Vögeln und anderen Tieren. Autismus Spektrum. Wald und Natur - weil es gut tut. Ich teile hier Naturfotos. Ohne CW. Für die meisten Bilder benutze ich eine Canon EOS R und ein Sigma 150-600 Objektiv. avatar


Aussie trans woman. Based in #Meanjin / #Brisbane, in love with #Argentina. Non photography account is @ada avatar


Photographer • Science, Movie, Music and Vintage Computer & Games Conoisseur
🏠 Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany avatar


In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.

Amateur bassist (bass guitar and upright bass, 4 string EBMM Stingray + Ashdown MAG 300 EVO II / GEWA 3/4 if it matters to you).

I stopped trying to understand long ago, then I stopped caring that I didn't understand.

I am a bird enthusiast. All photos I post are my own, except boosts. #Birdphotography is ~ 99% of my toots.

Toots in en\pl\de




Observations d'animaux, Photos nature et Compostage de riches Compte "écolo" de Loki Gwynbleidd (


All photos mine except boosted pics.
Nature. Birds. Wildlife. Science. Food. Whisky. Rum. Manchester, UK. avatar


“I feel so intensely the delights of shutting oneself up in a little world of one's own, with pictures and music and everything beautiful.” ~ Virginia Woolf

#books #libraries #photography #birds #nature #mosses #lichens #bumblebees avatar


Senior parrots, birds, birding, rock swaps, crystals & stone-cutting. Sometimes I write funny dialogue for the birds in your photographs. I read books, & I vote!

Formerly known as Peachfront on Twitter & Instagram, & Amethyst Qu on Medium.

Haven't owned domain in years but you may find my old trip reports at

Pro Tip: Diaryland does not have any www's.

#birds #crystals #photography #fedi22 #books #writing #selfpublishing #birding #nature avatar


I am a nature lover and I like to take photos of birds, lichens, mosses, mushrooms and wildlife.
I discover the beauty of nature with my camera.
All published photos were taken by me unless boosted. avatar


Head of Content at Commonwealth Fusion Systems, a startup developing zero-carbon power plants to help fight climate change. Former science and technology journalist at CNET. avatar


Birder / Photographer / Coder, He / Him, ex-Brit, now in Massachusetts.

All photos mine unless noted - most are available for non/semi-commercial use - please ask.
Tolerable French & German speaker, other languages understood.

#Birds #BirdPhotography #3dPrinting
Canon / Prusa user

Reminder: Please #DescribeYourImages and #CapitalizeYourHashtags 🙂
This account won't boost posts with un-described images.


Pictures of Mountains & Molehills, Fungi & Feathered things and whatever nature puts in front of my camera. Outside is my favourite place. Except when it's raining.

All pictures are my own, all identifications are subject to being wrong. I know a little bit about everything but make no claims to be an expert in anything.

My Life in Positive Hashtags: #Walking #Mountains #Photography #Nature #Fungi #Birds #Yorkshire #Tea #Coffee #Beer #RealAle #fedi22

No Politics, Sport, Hate, Negativity etc.


Bike riding around town with hockey gear...or sometimes a camera. avatar


Photographing nature in Northern Ontario, Canada: birds, lichens, fungi, astro, macro... Kayaking. Baking bread. avatar


Hi, I'm Deborah. When I'm not creating art, I love spending time with my family & being in nature.

All images available as wall art for home or office as well as on fabulous products!

I am always grateful for collectors, boosts, favs and comments!

Copyright notice does not appear on images purchased. All images are shown in low resolution. Click the link to see the image as it would print. avatar


Collector of #books + fat cells + #truecrime podcasts + creative curse words. Feisty, fierce, #feminist, #liberal AF, 🏳️‍🌈 ally, #BLM. I’m #GenX, a small business owner, former web dev, stationery + sticker creator on Etsy, old school #penpal, #StephenKing’s #1 fan, #bookworm, #ambivert, #fibro sufferer, and incredibly lucky wife and mom of three amazing boys. I love #walking outdoors, taking amateur #nature, #wildlife and pet photos with my phone, #bloomscrolling, and #birdwatching. avatar


I take pictures, mostly of birds, but sometimes other stuff.

I opt in to this account's posts being searchable, e.g. by

#photography #birdphotography #wildlife #urbanwildlife avatar


Birder, Tali’s person, Boise State alum, Master Naturalist, and blue bird living in a red state. Fourth-generation Idahoan, one-time Alaskan. Former dog musher and director of Alaska Bird Observatory, now teaching environmental education in prisons. I post photos from my walks and travels, dogs, birds, and other random things I see. Most bird photos are my husband's. #birds #BirdsOfMastodon #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Boise #Idaho #Alaska #Caturday avatar


I am a digital artist and nature photographer living on the west coast of Canada. Creating is in my blood. I love experimenting and find myself working most days...but it never feels like work!

My art focusses on cats, dogs, and nature. My work has been widely published and licensed.

Your support of my artwork is greatly appreciated. My site is run by Fine Art America, partnering with print labs around the world. Prints, home decor & more are available at avatar


barbara birding in brooklyn (she/her) On this account, I post my own (amateur) bird photography and will boost other original bird photography and bird related content. #birds #BirdPhotography avatar


Mt biker, hiker, trail runner, programmer who likes mapping, electronics, tinkering, photography, 3d printing, and slowly learning CAD.
Profile is older b&w dog with head sticking out from under bright blanket.
Header image of black cat peaking out from dark blue blanket.
I’m detecting a theme … avatar


My foremost loves are birds and birding, but almost anything in the natural world interests me. I've gone through periods where I was pursuing (as a hobby) butterflies, amateur astronomy, photography, even geology...but I have always found my way back to birds.

All photos I post were taken either by me or my wife.

I live in eastern North Carolina in the USA. avatar


Hmmm maybe this is a bird, dog, and cow photo account?
I do research in computer vision and robotics for agriculture. PhD in ECE.

Posts/typos are personal views;

I like plants, agriculture, photography, gardening. And birds! I got into animal & bird photography in late 2020.
📷 scheduled sometimes M-F 7:25am USA Eastern.

Auto delete after 3 mo.s with some exceptions.

[moving from]


Fotografie ist ein Hobby neben Weiteren. Sony Alpha 6700 (zuvor Sony Alpha 6000) + SEL18135 + SEL70350G. Nutze Darktable für RAW Entwicklung avatar


Smurfing online since the before time (the long, long time ago...) All photos - except an occasional smurf - are my own. Most pictures taken near #Hilversum #Gooi #Eemland

Descriptive terms: #Fotografia #Fotografie #Photography #Photographie
#DontChooseExtinction | #EatTheRich | #HackThePlanet | #Cyberplace | #Smurf

Frequently used terms: #FotoMontag #TextureTuesday #WavyWednesday #ThrowbackThursday #FensterFreitag #SilentSunday #52WochenFotoChallenge #PhotoMay2024


Ethnography, Gypsies, nature, photography, travelling, animals. Refugee from Facebook See also: more fotos on: also: "Collections" (fotos acc. to subjects)


Introverted human. About 70% water, with the rest mostly microbes and awkwardness. Prone to whimsy and self-deprecation.

I'm currently in the midst of an 18-month (and counting) relapse of ME/CFS.

All photos are my own (except boosted). Am a little red/green colour blind, so things might look different to how I see them...

I try only to boost pictures with #AltText

#MECFS #pwME #Photography #MacroPhotography avatar



just bird pics!

no boosts, no bugs, no bad jokes

all pictures by me on a Canon EOS R7 with a RF 100-400mm f5.6-8 lens


I am a photographer living in the UK, I enjoy taking pictures of the wildlife that surrounds me, and sharing it with you. avatar


Dad, Husband and (Computer | Food | Movie | Book | Scout | Meta) Geek avatar


Walker, nature lover, homebaker, bookworm, currently ‘between cats’, francophile, Remainer/Rejoiner, proud member of the wokerati.

Case officer for the Open Spaces Society, protecting public access to paths & open spaces.
Views very much my own.
She/her. avatar


Nature-lover, birder, gardener, tennis fan.
Retired from web design & development.

Southeast Michigan, USA

Posts auto-delete after two months.

Header photo is a Julia butterfly, a large brilliant orange butterfly with wings outspread on the brim of my brown straw hat. In the shadows, you can see the back of my head. Photo taken at Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona.


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