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JunkMilesDavis, in All the gears...
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Looks like a nice setup. How long have you been hiking with the umbrella, and how well is it working out? I don't see many of them out in the wild, but the people who use them seem to swear by them.

xmetal, (edited )
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I’m in Florida and so a lot of hiking in the vast swaths of scrub land that have no shade, so it’s really useful to cut the exposure. I take it on pretty much every trip.


I’ve used mine for 3 years now, including 1000 miles in the Oregon Desert. Probably the best 8oz I’ve ever added to my pack.

It works best with a hands free attachment, I just walk around like a giant spaceship everywhere

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Guess I have to remember what a huge benefit the sun protection would be out west too, compared to the northeastern US. Even if it's not quite as practical here, there are still days when I think about how nice it would be to have one.


What sort of hands free attachment do you use?

JunkMilesDavis, in Let's Hike Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots
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Love the concept! What's your setup for recording while you hike?

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It's generally just a combination of a gopro and a phone. I try to keep it steady, but camera angles when you can't see the screen are a bit of a struggle. It also has a habit of overheating unless there's a steady breeze.

Grimspire, in Mini trip report - Overnight on the Vermont AT

I'd say yes. The magazine is new and will evolve to what is liked. I personally enjoy them quite a bit so Please keep them coming. :)

hihusio, in All the gears...
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nice khufu. always wanted one of those. a solomid xl was easier to get and I've been very pleased with it.

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I like it a lot but it was quite pricey and quite a wait. Still, it’s worked extremely well and is so light, particularly if you just forgo the big protection inner.

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it's legit. every once in awhile I pull up the khufu specs and I get tempted. I'm kinda liking the hmg mid-1 too

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