OC Mini trip report - Overnight on the Vermont AT

Are we into trip reports around here?

When: June 10-11
Where: Appalachian Trail section - mile 1729
Pics: https://imgur.com/a/1LotOg2
Pack list: https://lighterpack.com/r/7iwqrw
Day 1: 10.2 mi , +3600 / -2150 ft elevation
Day 2: 10.0 mi , +2100 / -3550 ft elevation

Wasn't sure if I would get out or not last weekend, but I made a last-minute decision to pack up and hit the trail around 4PM. With the late start, I just planned to hike southbound from the VT 12 road crossing and see where I ended up by the time the sun went down. The weather turned out really nice after the recent rain showers and wildfire-related air quality issues. There were just some periods of hazy sky, and a deep orange/red tint to the sun later in the evening. Overall, it was a quiet and rugged hike in, without too many open views aside from a climb up to a shelter called The Lookout. Toward the end of daylight, just before descending from the top of a ridge, I noticed an overgrown fire ring not too far off the trail, and found a flat spot there to set up for the night.

Sleep was challenging, like it always is on the first night. Without any breeze or flowing water nearby, it was quiet enough to hear the owls and coyotes, wandering mystery animals, and things falling from the trees. Good stuff for an outdoor experience, but definitely not the best for rest and recovery. I thought about putting my earplugs in, but wasn't smart enough to do it. I was awake just after 4 AM when the first hermit thrush started singing, and finally crawled out and started packing up camp closer to 5.

It was another clear and beautiful day as the sun came up. I enjoyed the patches of light and bird songs as I backtracked toward the car (skipping the side trail to The Lookout) and talked briefly to a few AT thru-hikers heading northbound along the last stretch toward the highway. Wish I could have continued north where they were going, but I'll get there one of these days.

Gear notes: I'm new to using a bear canister this year. Not a huge fan of the extra weight and bulk, but I very (very) much enjoy not having to find a hang spot when I'm setting up camp late. For that reason and avoiding bear & rodent problems, I'm going to stick with it. It also fits very nicely into the MLD burn. I can easily load it horizontally in the main compartment with the poncho tucked between it and my back. No need to unload and strap it on top.


I'd say yes. The magazine is new and will evolve to what is liked. I personally enjoy them quite a bit so Please keep them coming. :)

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