10A, (edited )

This feature is huge IMHO, and I've been excitedly waiting for it. I believe it's the same as copying-and-pasting a long standard prompt every time you initiate a new conversation, but that would hardly be more efficient than saving it once in your profile.

Edit: I just spent the last hour specifying my Custom Instructions and testing them, and yes, this is a killer feature. The responses I'm now able to produce are so much better than before, just by laying out a bunch of general rules and preferences. I find it an enormous relief.

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So I can say now after using it for a while that custom instructions was in fact a game changer. I’m using ChatGPT daily again for work and life things. Really exciting!



I think it's sad, though, how few people seem to realize how potentially game-changing it is. I wish OpenAI did a better job of communicating to us users.

Over the past month I've continued to tweak and improve my own custom instructions, and a couple of things I'll share here that seem broadly useful:

I understand that you're an AI language model, and not a human. Consequentially I understand that your abilities are limited.

Boom, no more explanations of the obvious.

Respond to me using advanced technical language and advanced concepts.

(Or similarly, adjust to your own preferred learning level.)

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OpenAI, 10A can have his commission check :D I guess I’ll resubscribe the premium now, had cancelled when browsing was removed and I felt like I was getting worse responses for a bit. Now I'm excited to try this out.

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