Drag Race

sacripanne, French
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Quand tu as les couleurs d'une télé neuve à calibrer.

@Natouille@mastodon.tetaneutral.net avatar

@sacripanne copiiiine

@yesjohn@mastodon.social avatar

JUST IN: Oscar nominated actress Paloma Diamond will co-host the new Drag Race Down Under together with Michelle Visage

michelle visage also serving a fuck ass bob but not as much

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@yesjohn I love tuning in to yesjohn for my entertaintment news / hot goss

Baltimore, Spanish
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Lo que me estoy divirtiendo con el Drag Race All Stars 1x03

@faticake@plasmatrap.com avatar

Me waiting for new Drag Race s16 and UK vs. the World s2 eps. to drop on a Friday night

@faticake@plasmatrap.com avatar

@blaidddrwg i’m stressed out waiting lol

@faticake@plasmatrap.com avatar

Me after ep. 1 of UK vs. the World

ramiro, (edited )
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A reference in ?


@ramiro I feel like FFXIV references life, the universe, and everything. The localisation team always kills it. 🥰

@ramiro@xoxo.zone avatar

@curious_robot also the game is just so gay

@mikey@neovibe.app avatar

Too many people like Plane Jane imo. I know why they like her.. she makes fun TV. But ffs, she's every bad thing about gays wrapped into one person. But again... that makes for a great messy TV personality.

@mikey@neovibe.app avatar
@mikey@neovibe.app avatar

@MartinGuay lol yup


So this UK vs The World cast. Hmmm. A couple of head scratchers but I am keen to see what most of these girls bring.

Hoping for the Tia Kofi runway glow up and crown

@mrpablington@mstdn.games avatar

@toze same… I love Tia, but she needed a bit more time in the oven.

@yesjohn@mastodon.social avatar

living in my head rent free. she went to the school of cuntiana and majored in cuntology.


@ramiro@xoxo.zone avatar

@yesjohn what was their minor

@mikey@neovibe.app avatar

Episode 1 of season 16 DragRace was so good. Even the weaker performing Queens are still likable and entertaining. Group 1 is definitely my all time favorite episode 1 group.

@garak@woof.group avatar

@mikey it was good, I’m curios how them copping the Circle voting system will play out here. I generally don’t like when they mess with the voting structure though.

@mikey@neovibe.app avatar

@garak yea im not 100% sold on them judging each other... especially since they're all so shady lol. But it does add a bit of tension to the results.


  1. Watched first episode of new season with a friend I've not seen for a few weeks
  2. Have a new dirt box for my electric mandos
  3. Wonderful conversation for this mornings mixer
bastamedia, French
@bastamedia@mastodon.social avatar

Malgré une plus grande visibilité des artistes , notamment grâce à l’émission de , très peu d’entre eux et elles arrivent à vivre de leur art. Entre manque de reconnaissance, d’aides et d’opportunités, ces performeur·euses du genre se battent pour en tirer un revenu. Reportage par @emmab


🔴 Plus que 4 jours pour nous permettre d’être toujours là en 2024. Faites un don 👉 https://basta.media/don

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When ØV Cünt said “I don't have a brand, I have an identity,” she ate that.

mage, (edited ) French
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Si le rugby jouait avec les règles de il y aurait double Sashay sur Galles/Argentine et double Shantay sur Irlande/NZ

zorume, French
@zorume@eldritch.cafe avatar

Nan mais regardez-moi cette perfection ✨
Elle a tellement mérité la couronne. Tellement !

C'est incroyable un classement pareil. Surtout que franchement, elle s'est faite voler la 1ère place de très peu à quasiment tous les épisodes.

botaflo, French

Otra vez ganado la Perralta ? Pero ya no basta ? Se merecía ganar Gala Varo ! Y punto.
Estoy bastante enfurecido con esta situación.
Y dejan a Matraka última ? Buaah. Pues ya no me gusta.


@elosezno Es que ni lo entiendo ! pffff :-(

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