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NeoVibe instance admin. :neovibe:

Software Engineer, Gamer and professional coffee drinker. I love electric vehicles or anything tech focused! :pride: I believe the #fediverse is the future of the internet experience. I'm here to help shape it. #fedi22 #gaming #foss #music #finalfantasy avatar


Chronic illness, probably neurodivergent. White & anti-whiteness. #SolarPunk #Climate #DeGrowth #StrawBale #LivingMachine #Construction #Engineering #Crochet #GreenBuilding #SciFi #Anarchy
Liberals DNI. Just kidding, I love you liberals. Don't block me just because I'm right avatar


art, and vanity.
i love breakfast food and i still hate maths.

learning how to draw since late 2021.
unfortunately a gemini.


I am a #bisexual :bisexual_flag: #Filipino who builds things on the web and teaches other people to do the same.

I talk about web development, design, the Philippines and its people, and religious trauma as an ex-Jehovah's Witness. avatar


English teacher and copy editor


Gay and obsessed with cats

Gamer, horror fanatic, watching too much TV. Colorado ex-pat living in the New England woods, chasing my spooky autumnal fantasy.

Occasionally I make YouTube videos about cults.

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Lady Gaga du web à paillettes / UX designer depuis 15 ans

passe ses journées en réunion

Déglingue les rétines avec #WebsiteFromHell

Collectionne les canapés et les copies d'écran d'UI moisies avatar


Doñe dramas, chica in y Master del universo.

Estrella, mamarracha y obrera del pop. Uso todos los pronombres y rezo a Britney y Chelo García-Cortés.

<<La vida se hace bola. Internet mola. La bajona no perdona.>>

Apuñalo la realidad: performo para difundir cultura popular, sucesos y saberes humildes de hoy y siempre, el pop (#popazo #mymadbaddiary y #briconsejo): joterías bobas.

Uso señora como palabra unisex antónimo de señoro, una poquita bubbly y sultry.

¡Mamoneo, cachondeo y mariconeo! avatar


Basta! est un média indépendant en ligne, sans pub et en accès libre, animé par 9 salariés et piloté par l'association Alter-médias. Nous traitons des questions sociales et environnementales, à travers des enquêtes, des reportages, des articles d'analyse. Notre ambition : offrir au plus grand nombre des clés pour comprendre le monde... et des leviers pour le changer. avatar


Just another desperate #Objectivist #Perl hacker. Lately into #cosplay and #dance, sometimes simultaneously.

Sorry libertarians, you can’t have #AynRand:

If you block me because you don’t like what I say, I win.

Other interests: #music, #Commodore #RetroComputing, #DoctorWho, #drag

No reposts:


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learner. trier. language butcherer.


Jen Keane - she/her. Thoughts about migraine, cakes, sewing, and occasional spicy political rants. And probably some wedding stuff for at least part of 2023!


Illustrateur et dessinateur lillois.
Patreon : avatar


Artiste française de 27 ans (elle | she/her) • Agenre Asexuelle & Panromantique • Blanche • Anar Éco Queer Feministe Antifa...

I speak english. Parlo italiano.

Je follow très peu de personnes, ne soyez pas surpris·es que je follow back pas.

Photo de Profil par ExzireArt (
Header réalisé par moi-même, avec mon propre fanart de Black Canary.

🤍 Pronouns·page (en/fr) :


🐌 and 🪴🌵 dad. Chronically ill lover of art and snacks and silly things. Amateur at life but loving it (mostly.)

Expect to see various kinds of posts, from comic and film reviews to photography to memes. Always happy to chat, always looking for some new trouble to get into.

21+! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏴‍☠️ #blm #protecttranskids #fedi22 avatar


Friendly neighbourhood himbo 🏳️‍🌈 :progress_flag:
Soy boy for the animals
Sometimes NSFWish

nipaluna/Hobart, Australia avatar


Brezhoneger nevez ha merour
Nouveau bretonnant et admin de


O labourat e Ofis publik ar brezhoneg, dedennet gant an #urzhiataerezh dre vras.
(servijer n'eo ket liammet ouzh an OPAB)

#python #django #dev #bépo #gnulinux #libre #brezhoneg #podkast, ex #bioinfo #rstats #plankton

Ur gwenneg evit ar servijoù:

Eil kont (m'eo sac'het : avatar


I live in #Sacramento #California.

I've been involved with #paganism for over 20 years. My writing for the Naturalistic Paganism blog was featured in the anthology Godless Paganism. I've lead naturalist themed pagan ceremonies for #UU congregations.

I have a background in #AntiFacist activism, civilian #journalism, #EconomicJustice, #DigitalPrivacy rights, and #opensource advocacy.

I'm a big #nerd obsessed with #StarTrek. avatar


OC : ortalan avenider dens lo Biarn (-> ), 🏳️‍🌈 e grandós
EN : wanabe market gardener in Bearn (SW Europe), 🏳️‍🌈 and proud
#plantes #agriculture #maraîchage #nature #Béarn #SudOuest avatar


Bisexual Filipino who makes things on the web and teaches other Filipinos to do the same. I write blogs and produce videos for

Toots include:

  • #GenshinImpact
  • #Pinoy ukay-ukay finds
  • Gawking on red carpet events and outfits
  • Religious trauma as an ex-Jehovah's Witness
  • Pinoy #drag excellence
  • Philippine politics
  • Living alone

#fedi22 #Philippines #lgbtq avatar


100% Summer person. Married, Software Engineering Manager based out of Vancouver, WA. I love Video Games, TV, Disney, Marvel, Languages avatar


Gaymer living in 🇨🇦 he/him 🏳️‍🌈love my portable consoles: Analogue Pocket, 3DS, Gameboy, Switch, Vita, PSP… some of that on my YouTube channel 😎 avatar


Applied and translational sensory scientist. Advocate for bodily autonomy. Nonbinary feminist killjoy.

Alt-text: me, a chubby faced white person with long dark brown curly hair, giving side eye behind some glasses.

Banner: a person in a denim jacket on a bike with a life sized plastic skeleton attached to the rear carrier.

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