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I haven't watched the first season of DR France (planning to this week), but decided to try Season 2 because I desperately needed a palate cleanser for All Stars (my heart is still sad).

OMG, I love this! Definitely the needed pick-me-up! There are so many interesting and talented queens. Really, really high quality overall. I'm genuinely excited to see what they do next week!

Honestly I like them all, but a few I'm looking out for. I particularly like Sara Forever, who had the audacity to strut in dressed as a vulva with her head as the clit. Lordy! And then followed that up with an excellent performance, good writing, creative runway...she's one to watch. And I live for a good "fuck gender norms" queen, so I'm definitely looking forward to watching Piche, though I low-key suspect she'll be out halfway. I've got my fingers crossed for Ginger Bitch, whom I immediately fell in love with, and was sad to see not have quite the confidence she needed during the performance. I genuinely hope that's a hiccup, because she's funny and adorable. And we even have two creature queens (be still my heart)!

I'm not mad at the judging, though I might have put Ginger (love her and hate to say this) in the bottom two instead of Kitty, but that's a quibble this early on. I will say, that for claiming to not lip sync, Kitty put on a better show than I've seen in three episodes of DR Mexico, side eye fully intended. Also, her runway look was literally fire.

Anyway, I'm really excited for this, and can't wait for the next episode!

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I highly agree! It reminds me of season 12 US. What a strong premier. They all seem to not have come to play

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I hear you! There are definitely the tingles of a really good season already, and it reminded me of the start of Season 2 US, another utterly insane powerhouse of a season.

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I haven't started watching because my max is 2 seasons at a time. Right now I am on AS8 and Drag Race México. Still, looking forward to AS8 ending so I can start with DRF. @jbdigriz I strongly recommend season 1. Specially if you want to see the journey of Lolita Banana, which you sort of need to appreciate to see her on Drag Race México. But also because the queens are just awesome, and Nicky is a great host.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for the season. You've tickled my curiosity!

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I totally get waiting. Was planning to do the same until...well...you know. :'( I guess All Stars is kinda already over in my head, since I'm 99% sure of who will win both the crown and fame games.

Anyway, won't post any more spoilers here, since I know you're not watching yet. Do you want me to post the France episode 2 thread? So you don't get accidentally spoiled by a reply notification preview? It is worth saving and savoring, if that's your plan.

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Wow season 2 US is I-CO-NIC!
If you can, then please do go ahead and post the Post-episode discussion for France S2E2. Work is crazy these days for me so a helping hand is much appreciated

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Yeah, I hope you really enjoy it!

Okay, I put up a DRFrance episode 2 thread. I"m happy to keep doing them until you have time to catch up with the season; I've got some time this next few weeks.

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Coming late to the conversation since I just started watching. I agree with your bottom two placement. I was heart broken to see Rose and Punani being separated. It reminded me of when Sugar & Spice were separated in US season 15, which also broke my heart. But Kitty Space rightfully won that lipsync.

In the runway I absolutely loved Piche (I loves me some genderfuck drag) and I am living for the confessionals of Moon. I hope she stays long

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