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I am happy Venus got the crown! I have a feeling she will be an iconic part of Drag Race, both in Canada as elsewhere. My heart was torn between her and Aurora because it would have also been sickening to have an Asian queen win one of the Western franchises. But I hope we can see more of Aurora in some All Stars edition.

And hoe beautiful was Nelly Furtado. *chef's kiss

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What the hell was that finale track?? I wish they each had just put verses on a RuPaul track because that “song” was rough. Nelly Furtado is a goddess and she deserved a better song to coach them on

I think Venus is a deserving winner but I didn’t really warm up to her. I hope we get to see Aurora in a Versus the World because she is such a good performer

I think this season of Canada was all right. I feel like without Melinda’s drama, Kiki’s runways, and Aurora’s lip syncs, I wouldn't have been invested at all

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hahaha yes that lipsync song was not finale worthy. I guess they had already decided on Venus winning and if they had put a more upbeat song Aurora would have left no crumbs.

And I agree with you overall, but there's something about Drag Race Canada I find very endearing. I just love Brooke Lynn and all the judges and the whole franchise just gives me feel good vibes

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