Did not love the musical this week. Not super familiar with the sound of music, but wasn’t it … pretty different?

Loved Sapphira and Q’s runways! Mhiya also looked gorgeous. Flowers is a great runway theme.

Don’t know how to spoiler tag on here, so just gonna say I was surprised at the elimination, I thought that the eliminated queen had won the lip sync.

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There aren't spoiler tags yet (they're supposed to be coming in some future update) but for now it's enough to not lost spoilers in the main post title. If you enter the post-episode discussion post you can pretty much assume episode spoilers 😉

I can see how Megami could have won that. When Mhi'ya took her shoes off I thought she was a gonner but she did give a pretty good show


I’m impressed with Nymphia being able to do a good job in the acting challenges. She did well for the role she had.

I didn’t think Dawn’s look was floral enough. The flowers on the skirt didn’t seem super pivotal to the dress she was wearing.

Plasma definitely deserved that win. Killed both the challenge and the runway.


I usually don’t enjoy rusicals but this one was thoroughly enjoyable.

I feel like Plasma was given intentionally a much harder role than everyone else to try and sabotage her. That role was obviously written for her to take. They always pretend to fight for the roles but it’s clear which ones production wants each of them to take.

For plasmas role, the songs required more nuanced acting and the dance moves were way beyond what everyone else had to do.

So I’m impressed that she nailed it.

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I am obsessed with musical theater so I identify with Plasma a lot. I really feared for her but I was so happy to see her absolutely smash that role. At some point I thought they were giving the win to Q so I was thrilled to see Plasma take it. Literally clapping at the edge of my seat.

Megami gave us the best read of the season when she called Dawn's runway from the previous episode Buzz Lightyear. Spot on bitch. And she was right in calling out the judges for praising Q for a choreo that wasn't even there... I think it sucks she seems to have left pissed of. Mhi'ya did win that lipsync, there's no doubt about that.

Props to Saphira's runway and acting. She had an amazing episode. I wouldn't have been mad with a double win.

As for Plane Jane. I honestly thought she would be in the bottom. She didn't really stood out much for me, neither in the runway nor in the challenge. But by now they are going to keep her because she's giving is good TV

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@Doll_Tow_Jet@kbin.social @GlitterInfection Plasma was awesome, totally deserved to win. And Q and Sephira really were the runners up. Megami just looks like she doesn’t wanna be there, I’m sure she’ll be fine but I’m happier without her bumming me out. And Plane has been hilarious, very Russian; she was safe enough to not worry about going home or being in the bottom.


I’m with you on Q because she did absolutely nothing with the role. Her runway was fantastic, but still not as good as Saphira or Plasma’s which probably put her in the top. But that was not a great performance and she wasn’t worthy of any of that praise for her rusical.

But disagree on Plane. She had a small role and at least threw in some facial feature twitches that spiced it up. She was definitely safe compared to the three bottoms, but I’d say low safe.

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I'll have to watch the rusical again (I was going to anyway) to see Plane. I'm sure she's capable of serving a role, specially a villain role 😂

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I thought Mhiya and Megami truly deserved bottom two, and I thought everyone did well in the Rusical except for them. I completely agree with the comment on Megami seeming like she doesn’t wanna be there. I actually enjoyed Morphine and disagree with the judges’ comments on her performance, but her runway was the worst one

Plasma ate this whole episode and she deserves her ahem flowers

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Plasma ate this whole episode and she deserves her ahem flowers

(In Jaida's voice): Chiiiiiiild

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