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Well I couldn't help myself and I had to put Juriji as the thumbnail for this thread. I absolutely love her and she left no crumbs in this challenge. I'm so happy to see her shine on an episode.

Drag Sethlas is a deserving front runner. Her runways were all amazing and were a conceptual continuity. I love Sagitaria but girl, Drag Sethlas is giving you a master class on high-level drag. Drag Sethlas really put her in her place and Hornella was right: The sin of envy should have gone to Sagitaria on this episode. Samantha was right also: It's a game, chill... I swear I thought Sagitaria was always playing the role of...let's say, not being too bright. After this episode I have my doubts about whether she's playing a role

I am not sure Pakita deserved her bottom placement, but Puppy definitely did and I wasn't sad about it. She's a fan favorite but not my favorite.

That lipsync.... gurl... Juriji flooded my basement, and Sethlas grabbing her pillow was such a brilliant move. I-CO-NIC!
I really thought (and hoped) they would keep Pakita =....(

goldenbug, (edited )

I was having a really fun time with this episode. Loved the crazy effort and shennanigans of assigning the sins. The syrup on Puppy's head and Juriji licking it made me gasp

I agreed with the top two. Fancy bed spread kimono is now its own category. Sethla's hell look was gorgeous!

Now... I am SO annoyed at Pakita's placement. In which parallel universe is that less that Samantha's or Hornella's? The Spanish producers need to take a chill pill because no. Puppy was def. deserved.

In my brain Juriji won that lipsync but it's ok as both queens did a great job.

Side note: I am still singing the song from last week's lipsync.

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In my head Juriji wins everything. She is the supreme ruler of all that is <3 <3

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To me the judging was also okay this ep. I dunno what Sagi is on about. Sethlas had a mindblowing runway and Sagi’s sewn look was just fine, so Sethlas in the top 2 wasn’t far off.

I love Pakita but sadly i would’ve agreed with either her or Samantha in bottom 2. I was so disappointed in her wrath look. Like, gurl, what happened to the bullets and barbed wire?? How’d you hold those things up and end up creating a flamenco look

And i was actually happy to hear Pupi was staying after finding out the next challenge was girl group. I still love Pakita though

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