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The ep reminded me of why I fell in love with Tia. I was happy she and Scarlet (whom I also really like) got their time to shine and they deserved it imo

Tbh though i didn’t like the challenge that much. Out of all the challenges they could’ve done there must’ve been one or three better than a group branding challenge (which already doesn’t make any sense)

I also agreed with the bottom two though would’ve been more unhappy if Keta had gone


I also was meh by the challenge.


I was so stressed when everyone basically said they’d send Keta home, and I thought Scarlet would as well. Thank god she didn’t! (For what it’s worth, I do think Keta didn’t do a really good job, but glad she did a great job just the week before! lol)

Kinda dreading Snatch Game for my ESL gals – last year it didn’t go so well for my top 2 who also happened to be ESL (Panpan and Janey, rip). Comedy in your second language is hard, y’all :(

Quote of the day: “These judges scare the shit out of me, so… let’s just walk off.” --Gothy Kendoll

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I second the ESL comment. I hope my girl Marina survives


Marina did well on this challenge,though!


Honestly Jonbers blonde has always had that try to hard to be funny thing, and after a while its so grating IMO, although either of them could have gone home and it would have been the right decision.

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I was ready to burn WOW down if they eliminated Keta. Although I agree she did bad in the challenge. I'm sad to see she's not shinning as much as she did on her season. I hope she can show what an amazing queen she is.

But yeah, Jonbers was cutting it for me either, but that dress on the runway was the definition of opulence. Great way to go


Loved the dress too, it was an excellent way to bow out.

I think though if you bomb in the maxi nothing should save you, and its a hill i will henceforth die upon.

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The question is: was it LGD's fault? The edit sure made it seem like that

Beefcyclone, (edited )

I honestly thought what she did was good (LGD), it appeared via the edit that she was rough as toast doing the challenge but the outcome seemed reasonable if not amazing, and all that piffle about not having (Jonbers) enough time just annoyed me.

She had the same time as everyone else to write those rubbish jokes albeit less actual recording time, she could have had an eternity and would have still used that makeup joke.


Even after the edit, I think she got even a tiny more screen time than LGD. It was just not funny.

I did laugh at LGD's concept but I am in love so I might be biased.

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