Not a huge fan of the song, I’m pro the message but the actual execution was … lacking. I was surprised by how well Morphine did in the challenge, and I think the lip sync for the win format robbed her of a win as much as I am a Sapphira fan. Sapphira and Dawn both looked great on the runway this week.

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

Wow, I didn't expect that from Jane. I actually think it would have been cunt to not use the potion and just let it expire. It would have been very on brand. But giving the potion when she herself was in the bottom was also a very Plane Jane thing to do. I do live for the delusional girls.

The challenge was great as an idea, and I agree with keeping all the girls because they honestly all did well. If someone had had to go home though, I think it should've been Dawn. I was happy to see Mi'hya and Morphine on the top. They deserved it.

I didn't love the song, to be honest. I love the idea of getting viewers to vote and I think it could have been a much better hit, but I wasn't really feeling it. With most rusicals and song-dance challenges I find myself singing the songs by myself afterwards, but this one I can't even remember and I just watched the episode. But hey, if it gets more people to vote, I'm all for it.

The untucked was so funny. From Nymphia talking to the bananas (and the little voices production gave them) to the Mi'hya getting all territoral over Jamal, to all the girls flooding their basements for Jamal, to Plane in disbelief she had to learn the lipsync song... It was a really funny untucked!

faticake avatar

It took me a while to recover from all the curveballs of this episode. Like, wtf Plane?? She gagged me with her potion decision because it made no sense, and i’m saying this as a Nymphia fan. And at first i was pissed by being gaslit by the judges (nothing could’ve convinced me that Dawn and Q weren’t bottom two and Jane wasn’t safe) but the shenanigans became clear when it was just Sapphira, Morphine, and Plane left on the stage.

This episode had it all and kept me on my toes. However, what a waste of potion and rusical. Was that even a rusical? Maybe they should just drop these gimmicks (chocolate bar, potion) because they are certainly not better than the vanilla format

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

Hahaha I actually realized there wasn't going to be an elimination because I noticed his much episode was left in untucked after the girls start listening to the lipsync song.

What I do is watch the episode until the queens go to untucked. Then I watch untucked until the queens start listening to the lipsync song. Then go back to the episode and finish it, and then go back to untucked and finish it. I like my episodes in chronological order 😁


Loooooool that's a method!

Last week I was not feeling the franchise but this week it was fun again!

The constant shit talking and giggling when they were recording the verses? Fun

Them having the feels for Jamal? Fun

A nice runway? Fun... Only time I was really disappointed at Q's outfit, though.

faticake avatar

Yes to all! Omg i was really in tears when they were recording. These bitches are shady af. When it was Q’s turn i was dead

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

The split scene of Q singing and Dawn describing the sound of chalk on a chalkboard was so funny

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