Meta thread: issues with Kbin and their impact on this community

As you've all probably experienced and perhaps read, Kbin went through a rough period in the last weeks. Access to the site was down due extended periods of time and functionality (upvotes, boosts, comments) was compromised.

We are a xommunity that depends a lot on timing. Usually you want to share your thoughts after having watched an episode, and around the the episode aired. I can imagine not being able to access the community can cause some frustration.

I would therefore like to open this thread for community members to express their thoughts. Anything from sharing your experience to sharing suggestions or simply voicing your opinions.

On a personal note, I would like to say that at least I am a part of this community, on this specific site, because I believe on the type of projects that can be organized within the confines of the fediverse. I acknowledgw the difficulties that come with small scale organization of online communities and I think it is worth the trouble .

On a more specific note, the problems Kbin has been experiencing should start getting solved in the coming days and weeks. This is what I've read from Kbin's developer in his latest updates on the project.


I am trying to learn how to do things at the pace they come.

I like kbin. I'm also in other instances and parts of the fediverse. But this one feels like my home, where the busses don't go all the time but it's ok because it's home.

I do feel like it got back on track! Just in time to see Sapphira and Marina take the crowns

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I share that feeling. Also winners-related! :D


I just really appreciate how much work you’re putting into the community here. Very thankful



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Thanks. I am thankful that you have all found this a place to share your joy for this show. I am happy to be a part of this community

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As another Kbin user I appreciate you setting this up. I missed the last few episodes for other reasons so I have no strong thoughts about it either way but appreciate it

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Seconded! I look forward to coming here after a DR ep and i appreciate your posts. Rn it seems like Kbin is working smoothly

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Yes! it is working well right now. I am happy to read that the core community is willing to go through some rough patches in order to keep the community running here :)

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It's really my pleasure. I have also missed the latest episodes because I am now taking a much needed vacation (first in 7 years) but I am still trying to get the posts rolling.

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Go get your vacation on! insert Kim K "it's what she deserves" gif

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Hahaha I did! Thanks <3

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