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@Doll_Tow_Jet@kbin.social Did you enjoy this episode ? I didn’t. The challenge felt off. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get everything…. Morphine’s lipsync was really fun to watch though.

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I'm late to the party. Just watched the episode. I think the challenge was fun ...in theory, but I feel there was a lot we didn't see. The takes seemed a lot like improv and Ru implied it wasn't. So when did they were their dialogue? Was it a one take thing? I'm gonna have to watch the Roscoe's viewing party for this episode to get the Tea.

But ye Morphine ate that lipsync and left no crumbs. Poor Dawn had absolutely no chance in hell

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That lip-sync was so brutal 💀


I think Dawn was doing a normal lipsync but this song was almost written about Morphine... So there was no chance.

Plane and Spphira winning felt correct. They were the ones with an actual funny storyline.

I'm also glad that Q realized what she said was, even if she believed she was the winner, not fun at all.

I want Plane's tshirt

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Is this the only lip sync in Drag Race herstory when the winner was determined the second the song started?

At this point it really feels like a Sapphira win. As much as I love Nymphia, she isn't as well rounded and doesn't come off as "real"


Well thats what I thought of Aja vs Bendela with Anaconda but nope xD

Nymphia would need to excel in the next challenge to have a tiny shot at the crown but Sapphira would still win IMO

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Agree 💯, I see Nymphia winning an International All Stars and then getting the gig to host Drag Race Hong Kong

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How don't queens realize that the more they get upset about not winning the more production is going to edge them with a win without giving them one. It's honestly become a staple of every last season

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Like Sapphira said: like a Chihuahua against a Pitbull

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