Michelle Visage got her Ru-demption ages ago.

I hated her judging in early seasons. Over time I came to realize that she was being the voice of production choices. She still can be, but they tend to pass that job off on the recurring judges because it’s not a well liked position to be in.

But now she seems to have a good idea of where she fits in with the show and how her experiences can help the queens.

But more than that, she is the actual Mama bear from the show.

If you watch Whatcha Packin on YouTube, she is just so genuine, caring, and real, in a way that Ru is not. Where Ru would be using it as a platform for herself and trying to get iconic moments, Michelle is there propping up the queens and trying to show them how to best love themselves.

This season especially. Her and Plasma kiki-ing over Plasma’s references, her extremely loving Mama bear, almost to the point of overbearing love, for Mhi’ya, and her Jersey/Miami girl fun times with Morphine. Pretty much all of the episodes show her being present and supportive.

It’s also really interesting to see how the queens react to her vs how they act on other post-show content such as Hey Qween.

So, yes, I am excited for this change. I hope that the show improves because of it. I love the international seasons which feature supportive judging panels. For example Belgium, where Rita gives some quality, often harsh, but never mean, judgement. I think it gives the show a more lived in feel on the lower budgets.

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Yeah I've seen watcha packing and you're funny, she is very loving and supportive. The episode with plasma was my favorite because it was the first time someone shared the same passion for Plasma's background in musical theater I also felt.

I hadn't thought about how she evolved, but what you're saying seems very true. She did go from the evil to the caring judge. I hope there won't be a charisma vacuum though because with all the things one can criticize about Ru, she's so damn charismatic and she really fills the room. In any case, I'm going to be rooting for Michelle and the new season of Down Under


I hope that they have at least one guest drag queen judge per week which should help with that part.

This also will make the “the host is a drag queen runway reveal” moment strange. Michelle is ALMOST a drag queen, but are we going to get some crazy outfits or will it be more her traditional Jersey style?

It will be fun to watch either way, and I hope it’s good!

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Oh ye you're right! I don't see Michele doing the 'may the best drag queen, win!' moment. That would be cringe. I'm sure she can come up with an altenative

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First of all, Michelle looks sickening in that photo. I think she has been around drag and Mama Ru long enough to know what the show wants. I thought this was a temporary gig while Ru’s doing the book tour though

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I don't know how temporary it is. I was gagged with the news at first, but I see nothing wrong with this. The news makes it seem like there will always be a drag queen seated at the judges table, which I think makes sense. Michele knows her way around drag but there should always be a drag queen seated at the judges table. I love Michele. I hope she doesn't get any hate because of this

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