gnulinux, German avatar

Zum Wochenende: Ausgesucht

Der gestrige Ausfall vieler Suchmaschinen zeigt eine systemische Schwäche und sollte zum Nachdenken anregen.

m, avatar

@gnulinux Ich selber habe nichts davon bemerkt, nur von anderen gehört. Ich hatte gestern einfach nichts zu suchen.

KnutKnusper, avatar

Ich nutze Startpage und in der Bildersuche hatte ich auch Probleme.

LukaszD, Polish avatar

Potestowałem tego chata AI z DuckDuckGo i jest bezużyteczny. Okroili go z wielu rzeczy, prywatności, nieszkodzenia nikomu, nawet kodu Morse'a nie odszyfruje.

ex, German avatar

Was war eigentlich gestern bei , & co los?
Ich finde nichts in der Presse dazu, nicht mal bei den Fachzeitungen.

zdl, avatar

@ex Bing's API was malfunctioning and since DDG uses Bing...

aral, avatar
tomstoneham, avatar

Do you know @Mojeek which is genuinely independent. And about as private as you can get.

darren, avatar
aral, avatar

Duck Duck Go is down because Bing is down.

(Also, you saw the recent AI stuff, right?)

Folks, I know… I use Duck Duck Go also but remember they have venture capital. Enjoy it while it lasts (or let’s fund and build alternatives differently that aren’t temporary businesses with profit motives and exits but commons-owned institutions working for the common good).

Cheeseness, avatar

@aral Aral, are you familiar with Stract (a search engine that is F/OSS)? It seems neat and has interesting features, but I haven't had time to investigate if it is what it appears to be

garrett, avatar

@Fury @aral There's a huge table of search engines, all compared by tracking, organizational type (for-profit, non-profit, collective, hobby, personal), jurisdiction (US, countries in Europe, etc.), various safety ratings, and technical features at

All of these can be added to a browser as a default search engine too, but it's a little convoluted. (The gist: Visit the site, right click on the URL bar, add it. Look in browser settings under search and set it as default.)

kev, avatar

So it seems that was down for the last few hours because of a outage. That's very annoying; DDG should probably get out from under Microsoft's coat tails...


garritfra, avatar

@adamsdesk @kev I believe they are indexing themselves, but if I skimmed this correctly they blend the results from different sources:

adamsdesk, avatar

@garritfra @kev I started to read this then stopped as my focus should be else where right now 😄. Happy to hear.

jackyan, avatar

Bingo! Or -go! , , , and down? I hope a ton of people are switching to @Mojeek today.

Mojeek, avatar

@jackyan independent search index go brrrrrrrrrr

jackyan, avatar

@Mojeek I would love to see the looks on the faces of all those who decided to argue with me when I told them their favourite search engine was just a Bing clone!
Or that chap who said that Duck Duck Go was a meta-search. When I asked him what sources other than Bing it searched … he fell silent!

unicornCoder, avatar

since is trending due to a outage i learned that this searx search engine exists

ItsThatDeafGuy, avatar

Realistic alternatives to DuckDuckGo folks?

Mojeek, avatar

@shadowwwind @ItsThatDeafGuy @StartpageSearch tbh today kind of feels like fedi embracing us 😂

but yeah, here is best 😎

ItsThatDeafGuy, avatar

Have switched my search engine defaults to @Mojeek and will give it a whirl.

Thank you everyone.

noellemitchell, avatar

is working again! :party: :blobhappy:

bhhaskin, avatar

@noellemitchell been using DDG for a few years. It's been pretty great!

noellemitchell, avatar

@bhhaskin Yeah same here! Been using it for quite a few years now.

anderseknert, avatar

has been down all morning. First time I've seen that, from what I remember. Hugs to whoever is working on getting search back right now.

wrobertson, avatar

Ah crap, I saw the other reply but not that one.

Anyway, my point was more that the Microsoft ops team deserves hugs too.

Yes, even though they're from Microsoft. :windows:

anderseknert, avatar

@wrobertson absolutely ❤️

Yoss1960, avatar

I've tried in multiple browsers, both with and without plugins enabled, yet DuckDuckGo is still failing to provide search results (here, at least) just responding;

There was an error displaying the search results. Please try again.

It's been this way for several hours. Anyone else seeing the same? I'm in the UK.

Yoss1960, avatar

@smallcircles @helma @Mojeek

I like @Mojeek but (sometimes) the lack of image results can be frustrating.

Mojeek, avatar

@Yoss1960 @smallcircles @helma openverse instead of pixabay might improve things (you can do this via the dropdown on the results page or permanently in preferences)

kaffeeringe, German avatar

Boah. Ich merke heute, WIE OFT ich am Tag benutze.

kaffeeringe, avatar

@JoergA Das mit den Bangs war vorhin noch nicht da. Das rettet mich immer noch. 😄

kaffeeringe, avatar

@nilz @sieben_grafik Das war mir so auch nicht klar. Und in der liest sich das auch anders.


Puisque DDG semble (semblait ?) avoir des problèmes et qu'il est temps de penser à des alternatives, en voilà une autre: @metapress

C'est une extension à installer dans son ordinateur qui va aller directement interroger les moteurs de recherche internes à chaque site.

  • C'est garanti sans intermédiaire qui fait des choses avec nos données (mais du coup pose problème pour trier)
  • c'est du vrai web parce que mon user-agent va interroger les sources et pas un proxy
  • c'est impossible de consommer moins d'énergie que ça parce que juste pas de datacenter ni de machines à fabriquer et faire tourner 24/7
  • c'est garanti libre de bout en bout:

Merci à @Siltaer pour le taff

loewe, German avatar

oh sieht aus als wäre wieder online 🥳

kubikpixel, avatar

@loewe nutze ich nicht, eben wegen der abhängigkeit und deren verpflichtete datenweitergabe und dadurch vorgegaukelten prifatsphäre:

🔗 :mastodon:

jxrxme, avatar

@loewe Das ging aber flott! 😉

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