Release 86Box 4.0.1

Emulator of x86-based machines based on PCem.

Gravis UltraSound fixes by @lemondrops in #3664
Fix GDB stub builds due to undeclared symbol by @Theldus in #3655
Update language module by @kzmidze in #3649
GDB stub small fixes: out-of-bounds and wrong packet reply in 'qfThreadInfo' by @Theldus in #3666
Update actions/checkout to v4 by @jriwanek in #3677
Add new 4.0 dependencies to RPM spec file by @rderooy in #3672
Disable the softfloat checkbox when no FPU is selected by @lemondrops in #3694
Assorted fixes by @lemondrops in #3695
Machine table fixes by @lemondrops in #3702
Init LPT before Network to fix PLIP mode. by @yishayv in #3706
SCSI changes and fixes: by @TC1995 in #3698
fix flags for serial passthrough on unix by @adh in #3691
Video, Storage and MCA changes/fixes. by @TC1995 in #3713
Fix compilation. by @TC1995 in #3714
GHA changes by @jriwanek in #3720
Assorted fixes by @jriwanek in #3719
qt: Add a warning when cpu_override is enabled by @lemondrops in #3724
Assorted Cleanups and fixes by @jriwanek in #3722
Updated Simp. Chinese and Japanese translations by @EmpyreusX in #3725
Remove several unused variables by @jriwanek in #3730
Fix Japanese translation (Win32 and Qt) by @EmpyreusX in #3729
GHA: Enable mac builds, homebrew fixes by @cold-brewed in #3731
Revert a testing change that shouldn't have been there by @lemondrops in #3735
Update the bug report template by @dhrdlicka in #3741
More video fixes: by @TC1995 in #3745
README update: Remove unmaintained managers by @cold-brewed in #3738
Issue template tweaks by @lemondrops in #3752
Future support for higher clocked CPU's + A little more lint by @jriwanek in #3753
Remove the C/C++ standard flags from the toolchain files by @lemondrops in #3754
Compaq Plasma fixes: by @TC1995 in #3756
VGA/XGA memory fix. by @TC1995 in #3761
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