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For over a decade, @Flipboard has been curating the best content around the clock. Today we're taking the next step toward making all that excellent curation available to everyone in the Fediverse. With the federation of The Culture Desk account on Flipboard, you can now follow the specific Magazines you want on Mastodon. To avoid confusion, we're renaming our account "Flipboard Picks in Culture." We recommend you follow both our Mastodon account and our newly federated Flipboard Magazines for the latest in culture. Here are just four great Magazines to follow:

@stories — Stories about the history and culture of Black people in the USA.
@the — From decor trends and reno tips to organization and cleaning advice, this Magazine has you covered.
@what — Music news, reviews, highlights and recommendations.
@trending — Take a peek at current and upcoming movies.

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