JochCool, in Eurovision Song Contest: Calls to ban Israel grow - piling pressure on European broadcasters
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It's the second time politics has dominated Eurovision,

Okay, this author has not been following Eurovision for very long then. Here are some that come to mind:

  • 1964: Stage invader protested against Spain's and Portugal's dictatorships
  • 1969: Organised by Spain
  • 1973: Israel debuts
  • 1977: BBC cameramen stike right before the contest
  • 1978: Israel wins
  • 1990s: Yugoslav Wars and dissolution of Soviet Union, with some countries participating while at war
  • 1998: Israel wins, with a trans performer
  • 2003: Invasion of Iraq, UK was allowed to participate but got last place
  • 2009: Azerbaijani government interrogates people who voted for Armenia, Georgian entry is anti-Putin
  • 2012: Organised by Azerbaijan
  • 2014: Start of Russo-Ukrainian war
  • 2016: Ukraine wins over televote favourite Russia
  • 2019: Organised by Israel
  • 2021: Belarusian entry being government propaganda
  • 2022: Russian invasion of Ukraine

Eurovision has always been political.

Taalnazi, in Far-Right Event Backed by Orban Faces Ban Effort in Brussels [msn-bloomberg]

Finally some good fuckin’ news!

snownyte, in Group of EU states should recognise Palestine together, Michel says
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Tell that to America.

captainlezbian, in Trans youth will no longer be prescribed puberty blockers, NHS England says

Uk continues getting worse for its citizens

DieguiTux8623, in Police beatings of pro-Palestinian schoolchildren spark outrage in Italy

What is most disturbing is the violence used against peaceful minors, they were not causing turmoil or damaging structures. This should not pass silently.

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In the birth-place of fascism, they have elected a fascist. Fascists have historically supported Zionism, not Palestine. For me the fact that students in Italy protest for Palestine is loud enough to give me hope.


Yes there still is hope. And hope that younger generations are not totally brainwashed or passively accepting everything.

LemmyIsFantastic, in Any EU based users of reddit should immediately file a complaint under GDPR with their supervisory authority


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Because reddit is very likely in violation of the GDPR with their plans to sell user data to Google to train their LLMs.


I am not well enough versed on gdpr unfortunately. Is there a specific article this would be in violation of?


If only there was a convenient summary linked in the original post…

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How so?

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It's outlined in my post, you can of course continue to ignore it. That's fine.


And you are a lawyer?

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As I've already stated in reply to a comment of yours on the other crosspost, no. I am a certified data protection officer and you do not need to be a lawyer to have some competence in dealing with the GDPR. The GDPR specifically outlines the role and required qualifications for the data protection officer.

prettybunnys, in Eurovision Song Contest: Calls to ban Israel grow - piling pressure on European broadcasters

Honest question: is Israel considered a European state?

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Eurovision is put on by the European Broadcaster Union, an organization that extends well beyond Europe itself, including Algeria, Azerbaijan, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Georgia, Armenia, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, and Turkey. The Arab states have generally not participated as a protest of Israel (and because it's very gay), but they are full members and are completely eligible to participate if they ever wanted to.


Gotcha, I assumed it was for European countries only based on the name alone.

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You'd never know it today, but "Eurovision" as a term was originally coined to refer to the new broadcasting network capable of pushing the same feed to multiple counties' own networks simultaneously. That is to say, it's fully called the Eurovision Song Contest, because it's a song contest that's broadcast on the Eurovision network. The network is actually still used for a lot of stuff today, particularly live sports.


Cool, thanks for the info.

flipht, in Eurovision Song Contest: Calls to ban Israel grow - piling pressure on European broadcasters

The difference is that Western media didn't question a single thing the IDF said, even as the lies were caught in 4k.

Drinvictus, in Eurovision Song Contest: Calls to ban Israel grow - piling pressure on European broadcasters

According to Ukrainian sources a little over 500 children were killed since the beginning of Russian invasion (which was about 2 years ago). And just since October 7th over 10.000 children were killed in Gaza. So yeah. They are “fundamentally different”. It’s just brown kids dying in Gaza so it’s ok.

JochCool, in French move to make abortion a ‘guaranteed freedom’ gains big win in lower house
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493 in favour, that makes me very happy to hear. Amid all the horrors of the time we live in, there are still some places where some human rights are unchallenged.

synapse1278, in Why are farmers protesting in France and other parts of Europe? avatar

Good summary to catchup on this complex topic.

LufyCZ, in Germany, which committed genocide in Namibia, blasted for defending Israel by African nation -

I’m not so sure they care

roastedDeflator, in Greece Plans to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage Soon, Premier Mitsotakis Says
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Huh, I had no idea, that's pretty interesting. I am happy for his main political opponent, I wish there'd be more such cases.

HeartyBeast, in Why is the EU silent on South Africa's genocide case against Israel?
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Because, abhorrent though Israel’s response to the October slaughter has been, it’s not clear that it meets the legal definition of genocide. S. Africa’s chance of success in the case are uncertain and it would be unhelpful for a bloc that is interesting in mediating to be involved


@HeartyBeast @roastedDeflator mediating? When? When no people and no Palestinian land is left? Let the slaughter ends and then "mediate" with the criminals? The real reason is that european governments can switch on and off their interests for human rights depending on the color of the skin of the victims.

HeartyBeast avatar

I’m not arguing that Israel hasn’t committed war crimes, in particular‘collective punishment but I don’t think that the legal test for genocide is likely to be met and EU will be mindful of that. I don’t think racism factors in, particularly.

Personally I’m glad that that S. Africa is bringing the case as Israel’s reaction does need to be a scrutinised


@HeartyBeast @roastedDeflator If it isn't racism I don't know what else. We spent the last two years with the media and the politicians making a big drama every time a russian bomb hit a building in Ukraine even if noone had a scratch (and rightfully so), and now that we have bombs daily killing hundreds of civilians everything is bussines as usual? That is racism my friend.

We don't even have all those drama about Ukraine anymore, simply because the disparity would be too obvious.

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If it isn't racism I don't know what else.

I think I've just told you.

We spent the last two years with the media and the politicians making a big drama every time a russian bomb hit a building in Ukraine

I think the level of support for Ukraine you see would be rather different if it had had sent in fighters and killed 12,000 Russian and foreign nationals, including civilians and children - and left 5431 injured as an initial act of aggression. You might even have found substantial international support for a Russian attempt at regime change.


@HeartyBeast @roastedDeflator Yeah you told me, and I don't agree.

About Ukraine and Russia I think you're missing my point: independently from who did what targeting civilians is wrong a d should be met with the same indignation. Which is clearly not the case in the EU: Russia can't do it, while Israel clearly can. This is solely based on the ethnicity of the victims.


you make a good point. But the Hamas attack did not happen in a vacuum.

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Absolutely, the Palestinians have suffered, oppression and occupation for decades.

But drawing parallels, still - if Ukraine had slaughtered that number and pointed out that Russia had illegally occupied the Crimea, with nothing more than a bit of international tutting - I still think the international community would have been sympathetic to retaliation by Moscow.


it’s an interesting idea.

but we should not forget that Israel kills many people each year in places like the west bank where there is no Hama’s control. so again, we should not forget that this atack was not like 9/11 which came out of the blue. it’s the result of systemic oppression.


mediating to be involved

What mediating?

boredtortoise, in Why is the EU silent on South Africa's genocide case against Israel?

Germany seems to be compromised and a big player in the EU

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