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You seldom see strong fashion stories on @medium (a shame IMO, because we all wear clothes and they say so much about us). But the young Medium writer Jee Young Park show how well they can work in this story that defends the controversial 2024 MetGala by showing how much she valued the museum as a Korean-American growing up in New Jersey:

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Une petite nouveauté taille 48-50, jersey Toutdoux™ pour un été léger et pimpant

🇬🇧 New top on the block, size XL-XXL 20/22
Supersoft™ jersey, to spend a light and cheerful summer

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On a profité de la séance pour faire les hauts déjà en ligne, comme celui-ci

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Et celui-là, de l'avis de l'amie "il est trop beau". C'est pas moi qui le dis ^^ (mais je le pense aussi)

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Between starting his own house in 1947 and his untimely death in 1957, Christian Dior really only had those 10 critical years of work (age 42-52).

Alexander McQueen had only 18 years (age 22–40) between starting his label in 1992 and death in 2010.

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How human hair can help tackle challenges associated with climate change

The industry consumes a massive amount of water. According to the World Research Institute, it takes 700 gallons to produce just one cotton shirt when compared to the human hair method, which uses no water

#fashion #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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I was a bit uncertain about getting a white blazer, it’s awfully flashy… but I think it works and it makes it feel like spring. This might be my new favorite outfit.

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@Affekt Thsnks!

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@jollyorc Yes, it’s on the sting of my cap to make it easier to find.

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Hello, nous sommes spamedi !
Cette robounette légère est parfaite pour la saison avec son haut en jean et sa jupe en tencel (doux comme la soie, frais comme la rosée)
Taille 40-42
Votre taille, vos couleurs, votre modèle ? Call me !

🇬🇧 Hi it's spamturday ! This light dress is perfect for the season
Denim top and tencel skirt (soft as silk, cool as morning dew)
Size M-L 12/14

Your size, your colors ? Call me !


Tote Bag Manufacturers in India Crafting Quality - Express Bags

Express Bags, a leading name in accessory excellence, stands out among tote bag manufacturers in India. Crafting quality and style in every stitch, they blend functionality with fashion effortlessly. From vibrant prints to classic designs, Express Bags offers a range of choices to suit every need and preference. Their commitment to durability ensures that your tote stays with you through all your adventures, whether it’s a busy day at work or a leisurely stroll in the park. Trust Express Bags to elevate your style while providing the practicality you need, making them the ultimate choice for tote bags in India.

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Castoffs to catwalk: show shines light on vast clothes dump visible from space - "The desert has become a ‘global sacrifice zone’ of used fast fashion. Activists and designers organised an event to raise awareness of the devastation to the land and people"

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WOW! just perused the image gallery for the over at Harper's Bazaar and it's not only super-uninspiring, but for maybe a couple of people who understood the assignment. it's the beauty aesthetics of most of the people attending that is very late-stage capitalism with a bad take on trans-humanism. the 1% and their millionaire lackeys are really into that waxy Real Doll skin aesthetics. baffling.

"Every Celebrity Red Carpet Look at the 2024 Met Gala"

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LANA DEL REY totally killed, though.

all the following images are from Vogue

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don't know who Gustav Magnar Witzoe is, but he totally understood the assignment.

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Whether buying or selling, discover the best deals and endless opportunities at your fingertips.
Try the market feature now!
{Market feature, Online shopping, Rageela Website, Buyer, Seller, Online store, New feature}

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Layering fishnets over opaque tights is my latest “she’s just wearing the clothes she would have worn in the late 90s and early aughts” personal trend I think.

recursive, avatar

@RainofTerra "fashionable and well-fitted version of how I dressed a a teenager" is 75% of how I dress now. The other 25% is "how I wanted to dress as a teenager" :)

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Hello nous sommes spamedi !
J'ai du sac fleuri à vous proposer 🌸
On commence avec des pensées rouges
45 x 28 x 12 cm
Bandoulière réglable
Deux poches zippées (intérieur et extérieur) une mini poche intérieure et 3 boucles à stylo
Vos fleurs vos couleurs pour votre sac => call me

Pour m'aider à acquérir une brodeuse :

🇬🇧 Hello it's spamturday !
And I have some flowery bags for sale
Let's kick off with red pansies
45 x 28 x 12 cm
Adjustable shoulder strap
Two zipped pockets (inside and outside), one mini inside pocket and 3 pen loops

Your flowers, your colours, your bag = call me

Sac en sergé noir, grand format horizontal à bandoulière, avec des appliqués en forme de pensées rouges avec leurs feuilles. Le centre des fleurs, les contours et les tiges sont brodés à la machine Vue de détail de la broderie

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Если вы живёте в России, то, скорее всего, знакомы с чёрными резиновыми тапочками, которые иногда бывают болотного цвета. Их легко найти на рынке, и стоят они всего 100 рублей.
Я восхищаюсь формой этих тапочек — она совершенна и напоминает о киберпанке наших дней. Я уже экспериментировал с их модификацией, добавляя заклёпки, шипы и фиксаторы на задниках. Затем я решил пометить их специальным клеймом, с одной из версий логотипа Такие.
#takie #digitalfashion #fashion #art #clothes


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@takie я обожаю эти тапки, суперпрактичные.

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Hey friends, does anyone know what either of these objects are?
(They were found in a deceased relative's jewelry box.)
Please boost for added eyes, thanks! 😊

The lettering on the object on the left says:
Hadley Made in USA
Both ends open up to 90⁰ and the main body expands and contracts about a centimetre.

A clever person has said that the object in the right is a Writescope telescoping mechanical pencil. Thanks!


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@KarenDorman @sewing Without knowing the exact size, I'm going with money clip on the one. Fold your bills in half and flip the top and bottom down to hold the bills. And on the front there is the pocket clip.

AnnetteLicitra, avatar

@mckra1g @KarenDorman @sewing Yes, an awl. I found one among my father’s tools.

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