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Fox News guest Rabbi Chaim Mentz on pro-Palestinian protests: "Arabs want nothing more than to destroy our country"

#fox #pride

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Fanatic nut sez wut?

br00t4c, avatar

Gaslighting Kellyanne Conway Pretends Trump Didn't Try To Go After Clinton

#fox #kellyanneconway



Her husband is a plant

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Laura Ingraham Rips Republicans for Asking for More Money for the 'Woke Military'

#fox #lauraingraham

Blinxeto, avatar


She’s really trying hard to get ODESSA, the Organization of Former SS Members to notice her or trying harder to win a date, romantic dinner and personal guitar lessons in Moscow with Steven Segal.

br00t4c, avatar
IveyJanette, avatar

@br00t4c Bullshit. Would Trump be facing jail time if he weren't a a Trump?

br00t4c, avatar

'Would You Support Retribution?' Fox's Stuart Varney Presses GOP Rep Over Trump Vowing to 'Go After' Political Rivals

MugsysRapSheet, avatar

IT'S A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF MIND-NUMBING to push for of their enemies WHILE accusing the Administration Political Prosecution of their enemies. 🤦‍♂️

br00t4c, avatar

Fox Host Says 'Mostly Black' Hunter Biden Jury 'Won't Convict For A Drug-Related Crime'

#fox #jessewatters

MugsysRapSheet, (edited ) avatar

"Black jurors" are less likely to convict #HunterBiden for drug crimes the same way selling tacky golden sneakers and being a #ConvictedFelon make them more likely to vote for T****. 🤦‍♂️ #JessieWaters #RacistRepublicans

iuculano, avatar


contributor: President put on the table solutions, agreed with him and then walked away for political reasons. He should remind people that Republicans walked away to help


br00t4c, avatar

Fox & Friends: Biden Calling Trump a Convicted Felon Might Alienate the Convicted Felons of America

Words, avatar

Lopa the vixen is really enjoying the sunshine. She's spending hours a day just relaxing in corners of the garden, taking little to no notice of us as we go about tidying things up around her. I think she likes to see us working!

Nonilex, avatar

Justice ’s husband, , is defending in a case. The lawsuit relates to reports by one of ’s local stations.

Jesse is a trial lawyer & managing partner at SouthBank Legal. He heads the firm’s Washington, DC, office, which opened after Justice Barrett joined the high court.

Liliki, avatar

Roberts is a fascist whore. He really needs to go.

Nonilex, avatar

@Liliki he’s a pushover. First ones who should go are Alito & Thomas - equally disgraceful compromised abusers of power, then rapist Brett Kavanaugh. After that maybe the remaining will be a bit more humble.

br00t4c, avatar

Jesse Watters Is First Outta The Gate Blaming George Soros

slcw, avatar

@br00t4c Wait, I thought it was all Biden's fault. Exactly what does George Soros have to do with it?

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br00t4c, avatar

'We've Gone Over A Cliff!': Fox News' Pirro Not Taking Trump Guilty Verdict Well

rlstone4dems, avatar

@br00t4c Good for Shapiro. May this meltdown cause her to quit the fixed news and start watching MSNBC.

HamonWry, avatar

And then he called me 17 minutes after he was found guilty and begged for a pardon.

HamonWry, avatar

Right now, Trump’s Secret Service detail is playing a serious game of rock, paper, scissors to see who gets stuck with Trump in his prison cell.

chemoelectric, avatar

@HamonWry The penalty for a Class E felony is USUALLY probation, without prison.

Secret Service's work is EASIER to do in a secure place such as a prison, though.

(The absolute most Trump could get is 20 years in prison. He will get nothing like that.)

br00t4c, avatar

Fox News Completely Melts Down Over Trump's Guilty Verdict: 'This Is Warfare!'

VeroniqueB99, avatar

@br00t4c Unbelievable.

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