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Woke Antifa Mobster. 24/7/365 stream of: news, salty commentary and vitriol from a mostly leftist/progressive perspective. News feed is my own custom, hippie-biased algo. Commentary is me. I try to answer in a somewhat timely manner but often fail, so... sorry. #fedi22 #news #resist #antifa #woke #politics #socialjustice #fbr #ifb #science #openscience #openaccess #opendata #reproducibility #opensource #foss #privacy #based avatar


Wildlife photography from the South Downs, UK
#EverythingIsPermuted #Brighton #Sussex Posts set to delete after 6 months


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A Lifetime of Adventure

I create things in 3D and make games - in a previous life I wrote software and wrangled servers (still do sometimes), probably know too many things about Linux.

This profile might contain questionable amounts of foxes.
Creator of


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Sculpteur de petits animaux mignons

#sculpture #bois #woodcarving avatar


Bite me, Musk.

Progressive political commentator (print, radio, podcasts) for years. I post a lot: breaking news + legit info you can use, prone to snark. My mini Australian Labradoodle, Hamilton, has trained me well.

Now where's my trough of wine? 🍷🇺🇸🇨🇦

#Progressive #USPolitics #VotingRights #legal #WomensRights #CivilRights #BLM #climate #Canada #journalists #politics #news #LGBTQ #DogsOfMastodon avatar


🇩🇰 🇩🇪 ♾ Husky dawg 🐶 Metal head 🤟🤘 Coffee addict ☕ Fixing for a vixen 🦊 likes to draw, cook, photography, hiking, road trips, spending time with friends and his fiancé 🦊

Generally good vibes and fluffy things :)


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Democracy requires a well-informed electorate. Media shapes democracy. Corporate media alone cannot well serve this role.

We are a non-partisan, all-volunteer, grassroots civic membership organization fighting for a more informative and pro-democracy media operating in the public interest.

Grassroots 👉

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Mixed Media Artist from Massachusetts who enjoys whimsical and colorful nature artisty!


Artist, musician, programmer, nerdfighter, atheist.

If you follow you will see a mixture of art, comics, gamedev, and occasional personal ramblings.


Mostly landscape photography, but really whatever catches my eye. Lots of #Virginia and #Newfoundland and #Adirondacks stuff. avatar


Interested in building a better world and standing in solidarity with others who share that goal.

For biographical information, please see

"Writing is the way I fight." ~ James Cone

#solidarity #democracy #HumanRights #LGBTQ avatar


*Please note that this is now my Backup Account, I'll be posting from now on over on my new Primary Account here:
Head on over if you'd like to keep seeing my posts :) avatar


I am a digital artist and nature photographer living on the west coast of Canada. Creating is in my blood. I love experimenting and find myself working most days...but it never feels like work!

My art focusses on cats, dogs, and nature. My work has been widely published and licensed.

Your support of my artwork is greatly appreciated. My site is run by Fine Art America, partnering with print labs around the world. Prints, home decor & more are available at avatar


Twittercide wasn't the end, it was a new beginning on Mastodon. avatar


BBC #journalist, watches opposition in #Russia, FSU, E. Europe, Syria. Not a BBC spox, views my own, some humour 😵‍💫, migrant.

Working on a radio programme, focusing on world news.

Posts in unexpected languages, incl Hun, Ger, Ukr, Rus, Cz, Slo, dabbler in typos.

Sharing #Ukraine war #news of the #BBCWorldService

#TheGlobalJigsaw #podcast here:

Fan of #catsofmastodon
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Transdisciplinary zoologist exploring animal iconography from around the world via intersections of natural history with art & visual culture history.
Current research interests include opossum & coati iconography; the visual record of Australasian monotremes & marsupials; parrots in European art; exotic birds in early modern Dutch art; and the contributions of women to the visual record of zoology.


Fluent in 🇩🇪, 🇺🇸, ​:csharp:​, ​:golang:​, ​:rust:​ and ​:sarcasm:​. Professional developer and enthusiastic Gamer.

Ask me about my socks
I use Gentoo, Artix and Arch btw.

Gaming: Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV (Vanthia Orcus on Cerberus), Atelier Series
Anime: widespread, mostly action, fantasy or isekai. Yes.

Pronouns: I don't care much, as long as you use one of the 2 classical binary ones. Also I dislike they/them if you refer to me. Thanks for your understanding

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Husband/father with faith that democracy is the way to go; still idealistic enough to believe it's achievable. The only thing I'm selling is democracy. Banned (3x!) by the fowl site for calling out GOP lies. Migrated from

#VoteBlue #TwitterRefugees #WashingtonDC #FightFascism #NoRepublicans #Ukraine avatar


game/film #composer • does daily #PixelArt#VFX/motion graphic artist • occasionally #gamedev • posts gaming and gamedev news, and new steam store pages • he/him 🏳️‍🌈

#Fedi22 #Music #PixelArt


I’m a writer of 77 years Progressive in nature, Sky Diving, Moto Cross Racing, Rock Climbing, Baseball Umpiring. I must admit these activities are all things from my past that I now reflect upon.

Advocate for All Human Rights, Abortion Rights, Women's Rights, Children's Rights, All Lives Matter, Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Vax,

Kindness is a Renewable Resource Give It Away,

Progressive, Anti-Fascist, Atheist, Science-Based From Quarks to Dark Energy, Friend of Bills


SAVEAFOX is a nonprofit organization! We rescue captive non-releasable foxes. These are pet surrenders, furfarm rescues, and rescued from hoard situations or seized from people keeping them illegally.
We adopted to qualified homes.
Instagram: @saveafox_rescue


Ex-Disney (CG) Animator, left to try my hand at freelance work! Will sometimes draw for fun.


Hi, I'm Matthias, an Artist from Germany. I love to create all kinds of Animal Art. All of my Animal Images (Artist Website): avatar


Dual citizen of 2 fabulous countries, #Italy & #Canada! 🇮🇹 🇨🇦 Mmm, #Pizza w/ Canadian #Bacon!•Doppia cittadinanza di 2 favolosi paesi, #Italia & Canada!

Politics is Life. Life is Politics

❤️ cannoli
❤️ arancini
❤️ tiramisù
❤️ espresso
❤️ bistecca alla fiorentina
❤️ maple syrup
❤️ poutine

Posts & boosts will be in either English, French or Italian (& Sicilian, occasionally). It is what it is. Hope you enjoy the variety. If not, you know what to do.

:startrek: Live Long & Prosper! 🖖 avatar


A Canadian cartoonist/filmmaker, Mr. Annable is the creator of the Grickle Channel, and co-director of Laika’s The Boxtrolls. avatar


Formerly on Twitter. Historian. Setting the record straight when Conservatives try to rewrite history... with a touch of humor & plenty of (unavoidable) sarcasm. 😜


Call me Eric or Albi, Level 40, #NSFW favs and boosts ... I have a pet fox named Asriel, and had one named RonRon (RIP)

🐾 bean inspector 🐾 transformation enthusiast🐾 fox at heart 🐾 GIVE ME THEM PAWS OR HOOVES and make me fall on all fours as my muzzle grows! avatar


Chief Emoji Officer on instance

Too chaotic for a paladin

Amateur artist and junior IT administrator. Mostly self-trained in chaotic and often destructive ways. Opponent of mainstream social media and nasty digital surveillance, wanna-be cypherpunk. Linux user since 2013. Fully degoogled since December 2019. Fully BigTech-free since March 2024.
Synesthete. That weird freak who sometimes uses Daedric alphabet. Even weirder freak who use bare IP address instead of some server name.
Cryptography is my only religion - does Church of Wael look for new members?
In my free time I draw or write stories, first of all for my fun.

I publish my works under CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Writing here in English/Polish.

Migrated from
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#sysadmin #linux #degoogle #corpfree #privacy #cypherpunk #drawing #art #fedi22 avatar


Welcome to my page! I love creating art that brings smiles to people's faces. Art is my outlet. I don't stick to one type of art, rather I let my soul guide me. This can range from abstracts, to cat art, to the beautiful to the goofy, it all depends on the day. Thanks for stopping by.

If you are interested in any of my pieces, they are available on a wide range or products, from canvas, metal, wood, posters, stationary, tote bags, and more. Pricing and sizes are available on my website.


I like playing videogames, listening music, modding videogames, and art | lover of Typhlosions | PFP made by
@CodyMathewsArt on Twitter

  • He/Him
  • Traditional artist
  • Fursuit Collector
  • Hoarder of rocks and plants
  • Music appreciator
  • LGBTQ+
  • Sometimes NSFW
  • Pittsburgh, PA
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PhD. Rhetorics of terrorism, media, and AI. Taught at Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, UC Davis. Independent. avatar



Just a person who really likes pecan pie and Lake Michigan. I dog ear pages in my books because I can.


Most days start with music on #vinyl. Many include a visit to the #gym. Enjoy growing fruit and veg in the garden and, until January, on the #allotment. This Bennite is done with politics. #TottenhamHotspur fan. A news editor working from home with an interest in #photography. #nowplaying #growyourown #gardening #music #London



:goose_peek: Former lurker
🧐 Seeker of truth & facts
❤ Performing arts & culture
Opera, classical music, ballet, literature, musical theater, theater, art, film, photography

🚫 DM's
🚫 conspiracy theories
🚫 disinformation
🚫 racism
🚫 single use plastic
🚫 fast fashion
🚫 MAGAt's
🚫 :donaldtrump:

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Mixed Media Artist from Massachusetts who enjoys whimsical and colorful nature artisty!
Website: avatar


If you don't want to live in the dark (ages) , then turn off the lights |
Amateur 📸 | Nature 💚 | All photos my own except RT's

If you'd like bird and nature photos brightening up your feed, please give me a follow.

Quite a reserved person, but happy to answer any questions you have or converse on birds, nature or life in general.

Take care fellow Mastodonians.

#nature #birds #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #BirdPhotography #BirdsOfMastodon #UK #JimsWeeklyWallpaper avatar


… paring down time on social media … ?? Fully migrated to mastodon now that the bird self destructed. Though if you want to view my old posts, same username.

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That doesn't surprise me. avatar


Karl Schwartz,
Advocate for patients | Artist

Advocacy CV:
formerly: patient representative to
FDA (ODAC), president of PAL, CIRB member, NCI Steering Cmt, Vail Methods Workshop faculty.


MFA Brooklyn College | BFA Maryland Institute of Art | Artists of Gallows Run - Bucks County PA avatar


Writer/speaker/journalist/professor. #UX. #Elections geek. MSF instructor. #BookLover. Fights #disinfo. Writes at Deep south ex-pat #breastCancer #uga she/her

More (hashtags!) avatar


The Last Rose of Summer is a true story about corruption in #cancer research. I discovered a cheap, plant-derived drug that could replace some much more toxic (but more lucrative) therapies. #BigPharma got involved and suppressed the research. Eventually I had to publish the story in thinly veiled fiction and survive a bunch of murder attempts.

"Mary Austin" is a pseudonym, as my publisher forced me to use one. So... hi, I'm "Mary." 🤷‍♀️ avatar


Yorkshire He/Him/Lambda • Type designer by day • Making fonts by night • Fonts published as CubicType


Former Sailor, past Mobile DJ, bragging up Nova Scotia, and sharing amazing places. Extremely varied interests (except Sports), no hard-line Politics, just part of daily conversation. If you don't describe your photos, I probably won't boost them. Here to share what I know for newbies on Mastodon. Talks too much. Easily excitable. Early riser full of ADHD & Vinegar!

Life is what you make it.

#WAYCTV (𝐖hen 𝐀re 𝐘ou 𝐂oming 𝐓o 𝐕isit?)
Profile Photo of a younger me, animated. avatar


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Brain in a box. Half Human Half Vulcan. Just want a Piece of the Action. Blogger at Digby's Hullabaloo, Crooks & Liars
SF, CA, USA, Section 0, 1, 1
@spockosbrain on Twitter
#StarTrek #SciFI #SF
#Blogger #Activist #Progressive #JusticeMatters
#Comedy #Musicals #kindness #OldHollywood
#RetroSciFi avatar


#TransportPlanning & #MobilityJustice #research. Studying, teaching, learning, tooting about 🚶‍♀️🚲 🚌 & 🛣️, with occasional outbursts about #dogs, #kids, & #gardening. Searchable on tootfinder. Opinions my own.

Not anti-car, just anti-carbrain. Fare-free transit is good policy. A person, not a data point.

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