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Wie versprochen gibt es das erwartete 100 Follower special auf .

Ich bin Montag ab ca. 9:30 Uhr Live und spiele an, die den Ruf haben entweder richtig schlecht oder bockschwer zu sein 😅

Schaut gerne vorbei :-)

repeatro, avatar


Sie werden Dich brechen...

Freu mich drauf 👍

Ryu being defeated by Dhalsim in Street Fighter 2

mforester, avatar

@repeatro @TheRetroSven vielleicht ein wenig "Tim in Tibet", "Asterix" oder "Die Schlümpfe" auf dem GameBoy? 😅

DecaturNature, avatar

I'd like to try a little social experiment. It is 5:37 Eastern Time (US). Could someone in the central time zone reply to this message, and ask someone in the Mountain Time zone to reply, and so on? Can we get around the world? (feel free to skip time zones with few residents)
#games #world #fediverse

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We're doing an 8 hour charity stream on twitch for food security on Monday!

Starting at 12:00 (GMT+2 Berlin) over on

we'll be playing a variety of each donation draws an action card, leading us and me to do a variety of things together.

The is "Die Tafel", the main food bank in come help contribute to our goal and have some fun while doing it!

Read up on them here:


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🚨 Take Action and Fight Back 🚨

A site dedicated to real-world action on ending the practice of publishers destroying video games they have sold to customers.

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Attention budget gamers! Dragon Age: Inquisition is free this week on EPIC.

And to anyone who's played Dragon Age: Is it spoilery to play Inquisition without having played any of the previous games?

grrrr_shark, avatar

@raineyday No, it's not. You'd have more background, but it's a contained story all on its own really

jan, avatar

Can anyone recommend a good town builder game without too much competitive stuff? Just something to build a nice town in.

I love RTS games but sometimes just the build without the bash would be nice.

jan, avatar

@haploc that might work. Link?

haploc, avatar


Be warned, it has some Stardew Valley vibes.

cdamian, avatar

Announced on the day Ghost of Tsushima arrives for the PC … coincidence?

#games #ubisoft

cdamian, avatar

Unsurprisingly, the racist backlash is already happening.

retrotechtive, avatar

Bit of an experiment here but...

Watch this video, then if you care about Indie dev at all, consider buying the game.

I've spent more than this on random C64 and Amiga titles, so for me it's a no brainer. It looks charming.

Let's see if we can make this successful.

aarchangl, Polish avatar

Ffs, przysięgam że zaraz znajdę sobie cracka do gta v bo każde zasrane uruchomienie tej gry to prompt z rockstar launchera że chce się aktualizować...

aronow, avatar

:blobfoxaww: :blobfoxaww: :blobfoxaww:
Spent some time with while traveling and OMG CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

The kitty gets startled a couple times but never hurt so it’s a safe, fun game (this was my major concern going in)

Buy this immediately and cancel all your plans!!
:blobfoxaww: :blobfoxaww: :blobfoxaww:

aronow, avatar

@mdmrn is it SO GOOD! You get different hats and you save ducklings! 🐥

mdmrn, avatar

@aronow Oooh! That's very cute!

It reminds me of Untitled Goose Game, except you're being more kind vs being a naughty goose.

Crowstone, avatar

There's often a difference between the books that we like, and the books that influence us.

What books have had the largest influence on your gaming?

#'ttrpg #ttrpgs #roleplaying #games

iGGiPhD, avatar

🔶 iGGi CON 2024 🔶
📅 11+12 September, York
🔊 Registration Opened TODAY!!!

Register via our website:

#games #gamedev #research #PhD #conference

thomy2000, avatar

Modern websites: "You only have 16GB of memory? Forget about reading this website."

Indie games: "This game contains secrets for years and years of play time. It also runs in a custom engine with amazing visuals and top quality sound design. Oh and it also fits in 40MB."

resuna, avatar

@thomy2000 I used to have a colo box with three MUDs and two webservers and an IRC server and it had 10MB RAM and a 40MB hard disk.

Imperor, avatar

I think I have to come to terms with the fact that I do indeed like

What are your best entries into the genre, that you wholeheartedly recommend?

adastra, avatar

@Imperor Enshrouded

Imperor, avatar

@adastra I really should check that out again, only dabbled in it for a brief moment so far.

What do you like about it in particular?

egordorogov, avatar

My baby, my treasure, my videogame Fay's Factory is out NOW!

Talk or fight through the magical industrial revolution. Build a factory and manufacture spells. Become a great manager or a decent human being.

I couldn't be more proud/terrified! (and happy to be a part of Official Selection)

You can buy it now:

a trailer for my videogame, Fay's Factory

egordorogov, avatar

@EighthLayer mouse only, sorry! but supporting gamepad is on my to-do-before-full-release list

EighthLayer, avatar

@egordorogov No worries at all! I’ll check it out anyway!

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