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crapknocker, avatar

@LadyMarth01 I was deep deep into Anti-Idle. And before that, Devil Doll and Radi-Skull.

LadyMarth01, avatar

@crapknocker Sitting on Kongregate, chatting with some regulars and playing Anti-Idle. Those were good times.

Gouldron, avatar

@LadyMarth01 oh man, those were the times. there were so much experimentation with so many unique games; i don't think we'll ever get an era like that again.

i need to revisit those games myself someday.

LadyMarth01, avatar

@Gouldron Frog Fractions is the king of experimental games to this day.

While tower defense games can be traced back to Warcraft 3 custom maps, Flash is where it took off and flourished.

Room escape games were another big thing for Flash. MOTAS, Crimson Room, the Submachine and Cube Escape series, etc.

All that, and whatever oddball things Edmund McMillen put out over the years. 😆

drheyzeus, avatar

@LadyMarth01 You Have To Burn The Rope is hilarious, I think about it all the time.

I got into "real" PC gaming almost entirely because of Portal TFV.

LadyMarth01, avatar

@drheyzeus I still think about the credits song every once in a while. Still ranks high on my list of greatest games of all time. 😆

I can't say any one particular game pushed me to PC. I grew up playing RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2 a lot, then Flash games, then onto Steam games (especially Killing Floor) in the early 2010s. Been on PC ever since.

drheyzeus, avatar

@LadyMarth01 I played PC games before (RCT is great!) but I remember playing Portal TFV, then finding out it was based on a full 3D game, seeking out Portal proper, and creating a Steam account just to play it, right around the time my friends were getting Xbox 360s.

drheyzeus, avatar

@LadyMarth01 I also dumped hours of my youth into Killing Floor 😅

LadyMarth01, avatar

@drheyzeus "Stand still, I'm trying to heal you!"


LadyMarth01, avatar

@drheyzeus I didn't get into PC gaming until the end of that console generation.

On the one hand, missed out on Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2 on PC at their peak of popularity.

On the other hand, was able to experience vanilla Team Fortress 2 without all of the ridiculous hats and millions of weapons, or the gradual visual downgrades over time.

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