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Developer and surfer of the web

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Reddit was awesome. It’s sad what became of it.
Started in Lemmy but kbin's reputation system woo'd me over!

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he/him 🏳️‍🌈🚹🚺

solve et coagula ⛓️🏏🖤🫦

spooky stuff 👻🪦🕸️💀🎃

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Geek. Gamer. Data hoarder. Eldritch Horror hidden in a geeky t-shirt. Canadian. Polite, but says 'cunt' like an Australian. Avid pirate, worships unfathomable space gods that may drive you crazy.

If you see this username on other instances, it's almost certainly me on an alt.

Mastodon -

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Tokyo-based American working in the video game industry. Role-playing gamer, occasional writer, and goth/industrial music fan. He/him.



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A Canadian cartoonist/filmmaker, Mr. Annable is the creator of the Grickle Channel, and co-director of Laika’s The Boxtrolls.


Witch in the Woods - (she/her) Classic Horror, Film Noir, Horror Books, Southern Gothic, Folk Horror, Dark Arts, Hexes & Curses - Salt does what you tell it to. avatar


Married mid-50s-ish writer / author / editor / analyst / artist / poet / pixelherder / consultant w.r.t. academia / business / technology / esoterica / weird stuff. Slight preference for writing weird/cosmic horror.

US citizen currently residing in the Rizaline Republic of Luzvimindas, spitting distance from a not-entirely-quiescent supervolcano.

Leftist, LGBTQIA+/POC/feminist friendly. Friendly to ethical AI art.

On a first name basis with my personal demons. avatar


Fiction author (speculative fiction with a sinister bent), software dev, armchair philosopher.

I enjoy writing articles about things that interest me. General geekiness is implied.

Neurodivergent, living polyamourously and active in the kink community. #AuDHD

Discord: AshtarDeza

Header: library shelves with lightbulbs which cast a warm light. Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash.

Profile picture: Ash in thought. A white man with a bald head and a beard, wearing a white shirt. avatar


Writing HTML since 1994. Salesforce stuff since 2009. Into science, nature, history, music, movies, art, video games. Married. Living on Hohokam land.

Sometimes I write at

Black/trans lives matter. He/Him.
Racism/other bigotry = block.

#indieweb #weirdweb #roguelikes #arcadegames #shootemups #shmups #cats #horror #movies #tv #photography #punk #punkrock #garagerock #metal #deathmetal #antifascist #Wordpress #writing #fedi22 tfr #nobridge #nobot #nokiddin



Been writing #Movie #Reviews for over 15 years. Had the disease Leonard had in Memento.
Also, had that disease Leonard had in Memento.
#Screenwriter #Screenplay #Film #Films #Movies #Cinema #Cinemastodon


Horror advocate since 1978. Unabashed book nerd. Burgeoning Cinephile. Purveyor of the macabre. The thing that goes bump in the night (mostly because I'm clumsy). Stubborn Halloween III champion. 🎃 🧙‍♀️ 💀 HWA member.

(The dog's names are Kujo (brown) & Grady (black and white)). avatar


Only #horror. avatar


A solo indiedev making adventure games with pixel-art graphics.

Play Twilight Oracle:

If you want to support me, check out:

You can get shirts, hoodies and mugs with my art: avatar


DC suburban hairstylist, sewer, knitter, wfpb cook, I lost 80lbs and reversed my Type 2 diabetes with the wfpb diet as laid out in Forks Over Knives. Currently attending KYTT200 (kundalini yoga teacher training) #adhd avatar


Uni Łódź archaeologist, table-top gamer, book worm, punster, science fan, blogger, Leftie, Swede

#archaeology #ttrpg #boardgames #books #science #blogging #progressive #stockholm #sweden #lodz #poland avatar



Been writing #Movie #Reviews for over 15 years.

Had the disease Leonard had in Memento.
Also, had that disease Leonard had in Memento.
#Screenwriter #Film #Films #Books #Screenwriting #Movies #Cinema #Cinemastodon

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#Artist #Author ☕💀 ♏︎

ghosts & dreams ~ unheimlich ~ noir ~ beautiful-grotesque ~ art ~ books ~ liminality ~ horror ~ crime ~ anomaly ~ lore ~ pulp flesh ~ high strangeness ~ cinema ~ decay ~ curiosa ~ poetry ~ gallows humour ~ decadence/symbolism/expressionism ~ mysticism ~ melancholia ~ weird/wyrd ~ pathology ~ Thanatos /Eros ~ darkness ~ nature/super-nature ~ feline familiars ~ forteana ~ masks ~ eerie ~ nocturne ~ nostalgia ~ Lynchian ~ phantasmagoria ~ cathode rays

♏🐈📚✍️☕📷🎥🍄🍂🍒 ^◇^💀 avatar


Avid reader of #horror novels and watcher of #horrormovies. I love to discuss both. I review #books at I post about #indiehorror books, whatever I'm cooking, my 2 #cats and whatever happens to be annoying me at the moment. #bookstodon #horrorfamily #horrorcommunity


Author of numerous novels & 11 story collections. Won the Bram Stoker Award. Writes sf, horror, fantasy, westerns, thrillers. Yes, westerns. Worked in TV & movies, eg Star Trek: DS9 and The Crow. Created site. Fronts rock bands. Very progressive Democrat. Socialist. Environmentalist. Pro LGBTQ. Writes weird, rhyming poetry & lyrics. Tired of arguing. Watching world burn and trying to think of a way to put out the fire. Interested in spirituality. Supports NASA and SCIENCE.


Queer writer living in Christchurch, New Zealand (she/her). Writer of #poetry, #flashfiction, and #fiction. I have also written two novels that I hope to get published. Avid reader and film buff, especially #horror, #fantasy, #sciencefiction and #LGBTQIA. I also love #astronomy, #history, #art, #music, #cooking, #photography, #boardgames, #rpgs, #StarWars, #Tolkien, & #MagicTheGathering. #Lesbian #Trans #Atheist #Socialist Check out my blog Joanne the Geek at


I pick a random year and watch as many #horror movies as I can in 7 days. An occasional blogger. Based in Dorset, UK. Mildly addicted to kimchi. avatar


Warrior, thief, smuggler, king, knows that running su is like picking up a heavy and very sharp axe. avatar


Hi. I am an author of paranormal suspense. My first series, The Dead Game Series, has vampires & hybrids, while my new series, The Blue Harbor Series, has an ancient Penobscot Indian curse that plagues a small harbor town in Maine. Come and join me on the adventure of a lifetime. avatar


#Teacher, #Cartoonist, #Writer, #Podcaster.

Doing what I can as I can with a little #horror thrown in for good measure.

Check my links; alt-accounts in pinned Toots.

Migrated from


Late-night reading, and chill moods.
We're a space run by Sam (he/him) and Lucy (she/her), that reads classic fiction on Twitch, archives it on Youtube, and keeps more professional recordings on Bandcamp. Come and hang out! avatar


Blog about gamedev
🗃️ programming experience 21 years
🎮 game development 6 years
🧶 programmer Erra: Exordium
🎫 porting to the consoles
🛠️ unity, unreal engine

#gamedev #indiedev #videogames #programming #gamedesign

🏠🇺🇦 Ukraine, Kyiv avatar


Two-spirit author, artist, poet, & swamp hag. Work in Augur, The Deadlands, MetaStellar, Prairie Fire, SolarPunk, National Textile Museum, Feminist Studies Journal, Arc Poetry, and more.

Neurospicy, spoony, Indigiqueer. Raised on the land and off the grid all over Canada. Ex JW-kid/army brat. Retired dancer, industrial DJ, and model. Elder goth, addicted to learning.

#LandBack #Foraging #Gothic #Weird #Nature #Folklore #Horror #Fairytales #Mythology


She/Her. Loves #fashion #photography #film #food #movies #horror #music #culture Horror is an important part of what it means to be human, and an important means of understanding the world. 🖤 avatar


Video game playing, gay sandwich eating, heavy metal punk🤘

No alt text = no boost.


Some kind of glass-half-full nihilistic witch



Poet, professor, literary translator, new media artist, and writer of speculative fiction. He/Him avatar

  1. Cat Enthusiast💕 Volunteer docent @ 4 museums. Geneticist🧬 Poet. Sick. Performer. Old Media lover. #MusComEnt #RetroView #SilentFlickerSunday #LaEsoterica watch party host. UHouston Alum & ONTDer. avatar


Programmer/Systems Analyst, Gamer Girl, Streamer, Absurdist, Premier Remix Culture Enjoyer, Voter.

Genderfluid, She/Her.

Send me cool unique games no one's heard of.

All Social etc links here: avatar


I’m an Amazon and international bestselling novelist who writes passionate romance for every taste – ‘heat with heart’ – for traditional publishers and indie. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised my work. I’ve won Readers’ Choice Awards, was named a finalist in the EPIC competition, received a Book of the Year award, The Golden Nib Award, awards of merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competitions, and second place in the NEC RWA contests. avatar


Fast run down: (You really should read it if you're following me.)

✒️I'm an #LightNovel author of #Yuri #Paranormal #Romance. (#YuriWierdTales)

⛩️👻My work in progress is “For Love of a Konbini Idol, I Faced Her Onry Lover.”

🎌I microblog on Japanese underground idols. (Chika)
✒️I post frequently to writer’s and music prompts and post plushie & food pictures.

To get the most out of following, filter on hashtags you are not interested in.

⛩️👻My serialized novel: #KonbiniIdol
✒️Writing: #Writing #WritersCoffeeClub #WordWeavers #PennedPossibilities
🎌Idols: #Jidol #KaigaiIdol #MenmaMonday
🎵Music: #TuneTuesday #MusicWomenWednesday #JMusicFriday
🧸Plushie: #Plushie

🎵🎌I sponsor the music prompt JMusicFiday, the" Daily Tsukishiro Himari" and MenmaMonday avatar


The Video Game Library is the definitive site for video game literature. New books from around the world are added every single day. A free resource for historians, academics, fans and fellow writers. avatar


Science fiction author, social media assistant, and a peaceful soul who wants to admire all of your pet photos…especially if they’re of rabbits. I’m allergic to most furry pets, so I’m living vicariously through everyone who isn’t. 🐰

I also love to boost and toot about art, fitness, food, prehistory (especially Neanderthals), writing, social justice, and occasional amusing stories from here in Toronto. avatar


Hailing from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, I'm a big time film nerd (with a particular love of David Lynch & 20th century horror), an avid reader of a broad range (but 70s 80s horror and sci-fi paperbacks and political history are my jam) and part-time poet when I'm less stable/more inspired, indie rock geek with a strong Americana twist. I'm ace-leaning and a committed friend of the Trans community, genderqueer he/they, mental health awareness advocate with schizoaffective. avatar


The only listener-focused directory for completed audio fiction.

With nearly 1,000 listings and dozens of new finales and completions added every week, The End is the comprehensive directory for completed audio fiction shows.

If you're an audio fiction creator, enabler, or service provider, say hello, and we’ll follow you back!

Managed by the actual human, @evoterra

#AudioDrama #FictionPodcast #RadioPlay #RadioTheater #podcast avatar


Former hacker; Wild-wanderer wondering "Why?"; still skeptical.

Philosophy 🤔, Science 🔭, Politics 🏴‍☠️

Pragmatist 🐿️, Generalist 🌍, Anarchist 🍞

#ActuallyAutistic #ActuallyBipolar

All hostility and disrespect gets blocked. avatar


Based in #Milan.
#Taijiquan - #Yiquan instructor since 2011.

I'm great at writing "Hello World" in several programming languages (Dev-Wannabe)
Vegetarian, Gluten && Windows free.

Sometimes, I translate things...

📖 Books | 📸 Photography
🎸Music |🐧Unix-like OS
🥷 Chinese Martial-Arts

Pronouns: he/him

New account, #nobot avatar


Reader and (Random) Book Reviewer

Reads: #fiction #nonfiction #fantasy #scifi #sff #horror #historical #romance #science #history and many more depending on mood.

Also plays #videogames and #ttrpgs avatar


he/him, European (German living in Poland), ttrpg dm, writer, dad, IT drone

posts in English
replies also in German, Polish, maybe French

likes #gaming #ttrpg #writing #reading #fantasy #sciencefiction #wargames #linux #cooking #minipainting #history #osr #art #photography #kaiju #fedi22


Appalachian woods witch, mother of screams, drinker of Ale-8-One and horror movie hostess with the mostest...nonsense #horrorfam #spooky #appalachia


No podcast, no YouTube channel. Just writing about, reviewing, and going on about films, movies, and cinema. Sometimes a little goofy, sometimes a little serious. More to be found on


Prev-gen gamer, currently raising 2 next-gen gamers! Reviewing, blogging and rumbling about videogames - come say hi! avatar


Film obsessive from Scotland, now living in England.
Every day a review appears here - - and I always share the links here. There's also a podcast to pimp (, AND a weekly YouTube video.
I also LOVE chatting films, especially horror, and will keep favouriting and boosting messages that I think more people will enjoy finding. avatar


Proud geek, Badger, and table top gamer! RPG freelancer (#dnd, Murders & Acquisitions, CAPERS) and telecom worker. He/Him. DM's open avatar


Goodreads meets Dropbox for ebook readers.

Never manually add book details to track your reading again! Store hundreds of ebooks for FREE in your own cloud library and let Libreture do the work.

👋 By

📖 📖 📖 📖

Buy DRM-free Special Edition ebooks & magazines at my curated ebookshop! 🎁

#fedi22 #ebooks #DRMfree #reading #comics


Indie game developer still looking for a home in the industry.


I post random things from the 90s, movies, amusement parks and other fun stuff. Living in #Ohio.

📺 Retro Streamer 🎮 | Snack enthusiast | Trophy Husband | Former #Movie #Podcaster | TV watcher

👑 The Snack King of the Midwest

#Svengoolie #streamer #twitch #mutantfam #fedi22 tfr avatar


Writer, editor, lyricist, Melburnian. She/her. I live and work on Wurundjeri land and acknowledge its traditional owners.
#Australia #writer #songwriter #reader #CoffeeFiend


A #darkfiction and #audiodrama production company of three writers. Creators of the Maeltopia and The Sleep/Wake Cycle #podcasts. Maeltopia and SWC are proud members of the #RQnetwork.

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