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@richardknott you know my thoughts on this, that exploring alternatives is a good thing.

I just don't get the glee and vitriol from some about it. Any negative headline is leapt on. Why? What effect does it have to them? Unless they have money in an electric propulsion business.

Very silly. All of it.

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@CrackedWindscreen a lot of the push for hydrogen in road cars is either from the fossil fuel industry or outright disinformation. how many times have you heard "Ev's are a fad, will be replaced by Hydrogen cars"?

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@richardknott yeah, but any saying that are talking out of their bottom. Its plain to see they won't. But equally plain to see they are viable and realistic for LCV and HGV. Next is to work on green hydrogen.

Many of those being pathetically childish about it will be totally and completely unaffected by it even if it came to be.

I have zero time for the "yes we want a clean future but it can only be this clean future" attitude. Either the goal is emissions or its they want electric cars

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@CrackedWindscreen @richardknott The only people talking out of their bottom are the BEV fanatics.

Hydrogen cars will replace BEV cars because physics dictate that they are superior. BEVs won't even replace ICE cars. If anything, that fantasy has already ended. Continue to insist on BEVs-only is the real mistake.

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