Any reasons these companies support HFCVs instead of focusing more on electric? It seems like electric is basically already here while HFCVs are barely getting to the gate. In addition, electric is something lots of places can already cheaply support (setting up charging stations is probably easier than planning on the logistics of producing and delivering hydrogen). I suppose this may be great for long distance driving vehicles and commercial trucks where electric may not work well.



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  • Hypx,
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    The BEV movement is on its way out. People will remember it in the same we saw the huge push for ethanol cars a couple of decades ago. Just like how we never solved the fundamental issue of ethanol production, we aren't going to solve fundamental issues such as charging availability or battery production. Eventually there will have to be another solution proposed. One that can work for everyone. That pretty much forces us to look at ideas like hydrogen or e-fuels, with hybrids/PHEVs as an transitional idea to that. BEVs will be seen as an outdated idea.


    We won’t be able to solve charging availability for BEVs?

    How is that true at all? It’s a simpler version of gas refueling availability. Hydrogen and gasoline need consistent logistics, and updating to function well. Hydrogen is even worse in that regard compared to electricity or gasoline because there really hasn’t been any logistics developed for the grand scale manufacturing and delivery of hydrogen to stations. my understanding is that California is the only state to have any hydro stations, which are extremely rare.

    Compare that to electricity where you don’t need active logistics, you just need to build the infrastructure once and it’s basically set, not to mention its an infrastructure that supplies energy that already common.

    The battery production is a maybe. But hasn’t that been ramping up drastically?

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    Expanding the electricity grid is more expensive than expanding infrastructure for chemical fuels. Wires are a lot more expensive than pipes. And require everything to be renewable will make this gap even bigger.

    You pretty much have an inverted understanding of reality, likely due to how much BEV hype you have read. If there’s a way to get to zero emissions without having to deal with electricity, we would do it.



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  • ivanafterall,
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    That's a really beautiful-looking engine.

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    Honda and GM, two automakers who have never got anything wrong ever

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    Sure, but for every occasional misstep, we also gained things like the Pontiac Aztek.

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    Fair. The Aztek shouldn’t have been put on a minivan chasis or it would’ve been remembered like the VehiCROSS

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