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A chat on here yesterday reminded me of the 1980's film The Apple which is... well... something.

I made a few gifs from it a few years back & thought I'd lost them, but my digital hoarding habit is victorious.

Going to do a wee thread of them, as they make me giggle so much they will surely entertain someone else as well.

I don't usually just grab clips from other media, but it's quite an obscure film & I'd not seen any others circling about so...

Close up of a mans face. He is bearded, with eye make-up and a symbol on his forehead. He wears a slightly shiny grey suit and bow tie, with white shirt. He looks coquettishly at the camera.

Encelade, avatar

Thank you for that. 🤩
And for all the rest.

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@Encelade You are very welcome 😊

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@eclectech This looks amazing! Do you know if one can stream it somewhere / watch it?

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@derphilipp Funnily enough when an old friend badgered me to watch it many years ago we ended up buying the only DVD we could find, a German version, so we could watch it BUT there are a couple of places claiming to have it now.

Searches get a bit overwhelmed by Apple TV references, but if justwatch is reliable they claim there are two places (this is the right film)

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@eclectech Ah, what a pity - no option for Germany at all - thanks for looking it up anyway, I got to keep this in my backlog; it seems like a lot of fun

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@derphilipp Oh that's a shame. Definitely one to look out for, it's a hoot!

davefischer, avatar

@eclectech The greatest disco dystopian film ever made.

mothninja, avatar

@eclectech already winning Most Useful Gif award

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@mothninja It is a delight isn't it?!

mothninja, avatar

@eclectech spectacular. Added to the must-watch list :)

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If you grew up thinking the future would involve wearing a lot of silver lame fabric, this is the film for you.

A video clip in a hospital surgical theatre. Everyone is doing a kick dance. They wear silver lame surgical outfits.

mothninja, avatar

@eclectech omg. how HOW have I never heard of this film before?? You are truly performing a public service here by sharing it with the wider world

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@mothninja Hahaha, oh just wait for the next gif. It's perfection.

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Oh, I should point out two more things.

  1. For the avoidance of doubt, all the above come from this film

  2. Miriam Margolyes doesn't feature in the gifs but does feature in the film. I mean. Miriam Margolyes.

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@eclectech The Apple is certainly something.

A musical set in the near future of 1994, where the 60s never went out of style, there is no industry except the Music industry, where the main characters get tempted by fame and fortune as a not-so-subtle Christian allegory.

Except it stops being an allegory when we find out the bad guy is Satan, and God arrives in his golden Cadillac and raptures the good guys.

Oh, and the lead guy motorboats his landlady.

curved_ruler, avatar

@eclectech gonna tell the kids this was the Mac launch party

mothninja, avatar

@eclectech OMG.

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@mothninja Do give me a shout with your verdict if you get round to watching it.

mothninja, avatar

@eclectech I absolutely will 🫡

mrsbeanbag, avatar

@eclectech is that The Master out of old Dr Who?


@mrsbeanbag @eclectech

No, but he would have made a fantastic Master.

eclectech, avatar

@Grandalf @mrsbeanbag This is very true.


@eclectech Truly freaky.

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