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#Israel launches missile strikes into #Iran

The Israeli military has conducted missile strikes against Iran, a snr #UnitedStates #military ofcl told NPR Thurs. There are also reports of explosions in #Iraq & #Syria.

Iran's Fars News Agency says explosions were heard in the central city of #Isfahan, according to the Reuters News Agency.

The extent of Israel's strikes & the weapons used weren't clear.

#geopolitics #MiddleEast #war

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retaliates against
A ofcl confirmed have hit a site in Iran. The ofcl could not confirm whether & sites were hit as well.

Flights to , & have been suspended following reports an explosion was heard in the city of , Iranian state media reported.

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CNN: Iranian semi-official is reporting 3 explosions were heard near the base where fighter jets are located in the NW part of .
Reports of the explosion come hrs after Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told CNN that if takes any further military action against , its response would be “immediate & at a maximum level”

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NBC: A person familiar tells NBC News that carried out an operation in tonight.

Separately, Israeli ofcls notified ofcls earlier today that a response was coming.

The Israeli Embassy in Washington declined to comment on whether Israel has launched an attack on Iran.

The declined to comment.

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A counterstrike would likely deepen anxieties in capitals worldwide about the prospect of an all-out in the .

Again: ’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told CNN that if takes any further action against ,

its response would be

“immediate & at a maximum level.”

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A source in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 's office declined to comment on the reported strike in .

The spokesman’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Per Andrea Mitchell:

not involved in strike in

The was not involved in 's strike in Iran, a source familiar confirmed, adding that there was a pre-notification to the U.S. from the Israelis about the strike.

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US official tells CNN the target is NOT

Prior to the Israeli strike Fri (local), US expectation was that they would NOT target or nuclear facilities, another snr US official said.

told the its response would be limited in scope. US suggested Israel was weighing a narrow & limited strike inside .

The range of targets was “never specified in precise terms but nuclear & civilian locations were clearly not in that category,” the 2nd ofcl added.

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The has been urging not to respond to last weekend’s attack by , which President Joe on Thurs called “unprecedented.”

The “didn’t green light” an Israeli response, the second official said.

"We didn't endorse the response," the official said

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#DefSec #LloydAustin spoke to his Israeli counterpart, #YoavGallant, Thurs afternoon, about regional threats & #Iran’s destabilizing actions in the #MiddleEast, the #Pentagon press sec said in a stmnt.

They also spoke about the importance of increasing & sustaining the flow of #humanitarian #aid to #civilians in #Gaza, including via the new route from Ashdod Port in #Israel.

A snr US ofcl on Thurs night declined to say whether #Gallant gave #Austin any advance warning of an impending strike.

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CNN Reported earlier tonight that Israel provided some notice to the US.

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@MarvClowder I saw that too. Lots of contradictory reports at this early stage. Some may also either want to say they knew or didn’t know, also possibly some did others didn’t.

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reported that sites in are safe amid an ’s strike on the country.

"Some reports from foreign news agencies about incidents in these facilities is incorrect," reported the news agency, which is aligned with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps ().

Isfahan is in central Iran.

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NBC: carried out a limited military strike against & is currently assessing the strike’s effectiveness & damage caused (source). The strike was carried out early Fri (local).
IDF spox declined to comment, but said at this time there are no changes to guidelines for Israel’s civilian pop.

NYT: 3 Iranian ofcls, who accused of the attack, confirmed a strike hit a air base near early Fri.
Attack scale unclear.

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