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Predictions this episode: None. I'm not going to count Alex saying he predicted Bernie Madoff would die of cancer when he says his staff can't find any evidence of the prediction, and the thing he predicted never happened. I'm also not going to entertain the prediction that some staff member was destined to have kids. It's not worth the effort to see if it happened, and I don't care if it did. If anyone wants to consider this more evidence that Alex was gifted by God completely useless superpowers like knowing what time it is when he wakes up at night, I won't contest the issue.

Nitpicking: Alex did try to feed lines to Blue Oyster Cult, but he got the wrong verse. He said "seasons don't fear the reaper," but that verse already happened. There was then a very long pause while he tried to catch up to where the song was.

Useless info: Alex say the people that employ the "spook" editors are "far beyond driven." This is almost certainly a reference to Pantera's 2004 album by that name. I thought maybe Pantera got the expression from something else, but a quick internet search only returns the album. I've never heard anyone actually use it in conversation unrelated to Pantera.

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