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Predictions this episode:

"Let me tell you this. Now you know I make predictions, and, unfortunately, they've all come true. I will now make one. Let me make a conservative guess or estimate or projection. Because I would say two years, but to be safe, I will say that within four years there will be reports every week. You, many of you as listeners will experience it as you 14 year-old daughter or son throws a fit and demands the IM-12 megachip. As they blow up in your face and say all my friends are getting it. I can't get in to certain events. I'm not cool. I can't interface the internet, you know, through my computer sunglasses, if I don't have this. I've got to have it. And your child will come home, and you will never know until they're twenty years old that six years before they were implanted with a chip. They're not gonna tell you, and they're gonna take the chip. Now, and, and, and if you catch them, they're gonna scream at yell at you. If you find the receipt in their, in their, in their dresser drawer, they're gonna say, 'I deserve it, you old coot! You weirdo Christian! This is so cool! So Donny D, the Mack G Rapper has it. And, and, you know, all these cool people have got it, and you're not going to stop me. It's mine!' Now, I'm serious."

This is not the prediction, though. Jones says it is, but what is he actually predicting? That "there will be reports every week?" Reports of what? From were? Jones repeating his lies about the plot to chip everyone's children could be considered"reports every week." Or is the prediction that "many of you" will have teenagers demand the "IM-12 megachip." How would that be verified? And even if a half-dozen kids demanded to be chipped because they thought it was a cool idea, who cares? And the rest of it is obviously Jones exaggerating for entertainment. He would absolutely claim that this was a direct message from God if any of it actually happened, but this is neither "serious" nor a "prediction." However, earlier in the show, he said this:

"We've got their press release now. We're gonna get him on the show, the owner of the number one bar/disco in Madrid, Spain where, to get into the VIP section, you've got to take a microchip. And they're doing it right now. And how many times did I tell you that it's gonna be a status symbol. Your teenage children within just a few years will be demanding that they get the chip. They will run out to the so-called tattoo parlors that are now being signed on by Verichip. It'll be a counterculture thing sold to you directly by the military-industrial complex."

That's more like it. Clearly, this is something is seriously warning people about. Apparently, more than once. I think it's safe to say this never happened. Verichip looks to have maxed out at a couple thousand implants worldwide, mostly in healthcare and corporate security, and it stopped chipping people in 2010 due to lack of public acceptance. So, no, no widespread demand from the teens.

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