Kurzgesagt videos translation spreadsheet

You know, Kurzgesagt is not only an English channel, but it also provide video translated in multiple other languages on others translated Kurzgesagt channels.

I was looking for something to help me find Kurzgesagt video in other languages, and found this spreadsheet. I don’t know if there is a more official website or tool for that, but this is the only thing I found. I thought it may be interesting for you too

It isn’t fully complete though, for example the “Portugese” column is almost empty, and recent videos are not present. But it’s open to edition, so we can participate to keep it up to date

If you have a more official list, I’ll be interested (and I’ll edit this post to prefer sharing the official list). For now I’ll be using this spreadsheet as it’s mostly filled and as I didn’t find anything else

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Good work!

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