...and defines being transgender as a “sexual deviation,” similar to pedophilia, exhibitionism, masochism, sadomasochism or fetishism.

Why in the world do we need laws defining what is "sexual deviation"? Why would the law care about that at all. That's on its face an overstep that has no business being in a statute. It should make absolutely no difference whether a sexual behavior is or isn't "deviant" in literally any context.

These lawmakers and the people who voted for them are disgusting, judgemental little gremlins.


Because the next step is making “deviation” illegal.

snooggums avatar

Conservatives are obscene.

Blahaj_Blast, avatar

This is fucking insane


The long fall from a state founded in principles of human rights to this bullshit


That’s rich coming from a bunch of toothless sister fuckers popping oxy’s, snortin’ K off a rent boy’s dick, and od’ing on fentanyl on the way back to the trailer from the unemployment line…

dojan, avatar

That’s absolutely vile.


Nothing says small government like legally defining human beings as “obscene.”

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