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0110010001100010, in Pro Tip: Selling a car? If someone wants a car report from an obscure site they specify, it's likely a scam. avatar

Probably a dumb question, but why wouldn’t you just make them purchase their own report? If they want it that bad then can do the legwork and pay for it. Last I knew the used car market is still pretty hot and very much in the sellers favor. Granted that was ~8 months ago when I last purchased a used car.


Probably even more so now with the UAW strike.

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I think it caught me that they didn't argue price. Never even mentioned it. I had listed my car on the high side of what that year/model/mileage were going for and fully expected my initial conversation to be them trying to talk me down $1000. It all happened pretty fast and that initial mental calculation of $30 for $1000+ seemed favorable that I was just like "fuck it."

Every car before the one I'm selling I'd driven into the ground and donated for the write off. So I suppose naiveté, mixed with the ideal scenario I had in mind seemingly landing in my lap?

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