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#RightWing activists & allies of #Trump are quietly challenging thousands of #VoterRegistrations in critical #BattlegroundStates, an all-but-unnoticed effort that could have an impact in a close or contentious #election.

Calling themselves #ElectionInvestigators, the activists have pressed local ofcls in #Michigan, #Nevada & #Georgia to drop #voters from the rolls en masse.

#VoterSuppression #law #Biden2024

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They have at times targeted areas, relying on new data programs & novel theories to justify their push.

In one town, >100 were removed after an activist lobbied ofcls, citing an obscure state law from the 1950s. In the suburb of , a clerk removed 1,000 people from the rolls in response to a similar request.

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The purge in Waterford went unnoticed by state until The NYT discovered it. The secretary of state’s office has since told the clerk to reinstate the , saying the removals did not follow the process laid out in & , & issued a warning to the state’s 1,600 clerks.

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The activists are part of an expansive web of grass-roots groups that formed after ’s attempt to overturn his defeat in 2020. The groups have made mass a top priority this year, spurred on by a fmr Trump , , & True the Vote, a -monitoring group w/a long history of spreading .

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Their mission, they say, is to maintain accurate voting records & remove who have moved to another jurisdiction. , they claim, use these “excess registrations” to stuff ballot boxes & steal elections.

The theory has no grounding in . Investigations into voter have found that it is exceedingly rare & that when it occurs, it is typically isolated or even accidental.

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ofcls say that there is no reason to think that the systems in place for keeping voter lists up-to-date are failing.

The bigger risk, they note, is disenfranchising .

…the challenges have consequences. In some states, a challenge alone is enough to limit a voter’s access to a mail ballot, or to require additional documentation at the polls. Privately, activists say they consider that a victory.

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outlets have promoted the challenges, casting public ofcls as corrupt & creating fodder that could be used in another round of challenges should lose again.

…The undertaking pulls from every corner of the movement. Its parent grp is an offshoot of ’s nat’l network. A top deputy to , a promoter of election-related , helped conceive of the data program the activists use to hunt for suspicious ….

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’s Party… has also endorsed the prgm, & the camp cited its numbers in a -riddled report released in Jan.

The prgm, called CheckMyVote, IDs addresses w/irregularities, such as missing an apartment number or having an unusually high number of registered participants in [].

…a developer of the system…acknowledged it turns up large numbers of supposedly questionable voters in & , both overwhelmingly Democratic cities.

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Activists can then use the data to assemble lists of to challenge. The program also tracks the outcome of the challenge & whether a voter later tries to , info that could be shared w/ officials or enforcement….

“That’s just garbage,” Chris Thomas, an consultant for , said of the analysis. “It’s targeting [voters], & .”

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…Fed requires clerks to keep who may have moved on the rolls for 2 election cycles, unless they receive notice from the voter. The NYTimes ID’d 4 cities where activists have lobbied ofcls to follow a faster removal process.
In Oct, Polly Skolarus, the clerk in Genoa, a Twsp west of , received a list of ~120 names …from Ms. Iyer, a ofcl, suggesting she would be “breaking the law” if she did not begin the removal process outlined in a state law…

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Skolarus …was reluctant to take off the rolls in a presidential year. But records indicate that nearly all of the voters had their registrations canceled, while others were flagged as “challenged” — meaning they would have to give additional info or verify their address before they could vote.

In one webinar, [the Check My Vote developer] Vetter said he considered those restrictions progress: “Then you can’t vote until that gets corrected.”

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In Waterford, an activist submitted to town clerk Kim Markee the names of >1,000 they claimed had moved away & were no longer eligible. The names were pulled from the USPS’s mail-forwarding list, a DB that includes snowbirds, active-duty & others legally eligible to at their residence.

Markee said the town’s advised her to follow the statute cited by the activists. She hired extra staff to contact the voters thru certified mail & removed those who didn’t respond.

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In January, Michigan’s secretary of state demanded that Markee reinstate all the who had not confirmed that they had moved. In a recent interview, Markee said she was still in discussions about the matter.

“They found this loophole in the state of ,” she said. “We have to follow the .” [The MI statute the activists cited gives “guidelines”]

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This is why it's so important to remind literally everyone to double check their voter registration and make sure it's valid and up to date.

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